Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright Chapter 2

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – A recollection of the past

Brittany’s Pov

A few months ago,

“I can’t accept such a weak omega as my mate,” Richard said in a harsh tone. Brittany had been on her way to her Alpha’s office when she heard him rejecting her.

She stood outside the door, waiting to listen to his reasons. Her wolf whimpered at the words of their mate.

“But she is a good girl and one of the best healers we have in our pack,” Alpha Mark told him.

“She is still too weak. I’m an Alpha, I cannot have a Luna with deficiency. Being weak is the worst thing that can ever happen to a wolf,” he hissed, disgust laced in his words.

Brittany sighed in disappointment. What had she expected? Just the fact that she was an omega had already gotten her mate riled up. She resisted the urge to barge into the office and yell that it wasn’t her fault.

Her weak nature made her work hard to become a good healer yet it didn’t stop her mate from looking down on her. Everyone looked down on her.

“Would you like to see her at least?” Alpha Mark asked and after a while, Brittany heard a small yes.

Seeing that as her cue to enter, she entered the room and her mate’s face was the first thing that caught her attention. His chiseled chin, pouty lips, and dreamy eyes pulled at her heart.

They kept on staring at each other, each person taking in the image of their mate. Richard made the first move to end the eye contact.

“Hello, I’m Richard,” he brought forth his hand for a handshake as he introduced himself.

“Brittany,” she answered with a small smile on her lips, hoping he would see how pretty she was and accept the mate bond.

There was an awkward silence after that. Alpha Mark noticed it and quietly left the office which Brittany thanked him for. He wasn’t the best Alpha but at least he respected her privacy. Or was it because of Richard?

“I don’t want to hurt you Brittany but I can’t accept you as my mate,” Richard told her without looking remorseful. He didn’t know how to sugarcoat his words as he has always been a blunt person.

Brittany’s little smile cracked a little. “I know I’m an omega but I’m stronger than I look,” she told him. “My wolf has never been a hindrance, also I’m one of the best healers. You’ll need me.”

Her last words invoked an expression she didn’t expect. Richard looked at her with contempt.

“I won’t need you contrarily to your belief. I don’t need a weak wolf. In fact, you are the one in need of me cause you might lose your wolf if I reject you,” he said arrogantly.

Although he was right, Brittany ignored his threat. His mind was made up and there was nothing she could do to change it. The room started getting too small as she noticed how close she was to his body.

Richard seemed to notice it too and cleared his throat. “I, Richard Watson, reject you, Brittany from being my mate and Luna,” he quickly said unexpectedly.

A gasp escaped Brittany’s lips and she fell.

“Accept it,” he implored her, feeling a pang of guilt. To be able to survive the Rejection, she needed to accept it immediately. Most times, some wolves are unable to accept a rejection which makes their wolves go feral. Richard didn’t want that for her.

“I, Brittany Beckham accept your rejecting, Richard Watson,” she whispered as she glared at him. A sigh escaped his lips and he nodded before walking out.

She sat on the floor, trying not to let the tears fall. Today should have been her happiest day, yet it turned out to be the worst. Her wolf was howling and crying inside and it was all her fault.

If only she wasn’t so weak. All her years of hard work to be a great healer and assist her mate went down the drain in the space of a few minutes. She closed her eyes for some seconds, trying to recollect her thoughts before standing up.

As she opened the door, her eyes fell on a man who had his hand stretched forth to open the door. Immediately, his dominant aura engulfed her and she bowed to him. No one had to tell her this person was an Alpha.

Brittany could feel his intense gaze on her yet she ignored it and walked away. It was not the first time a male had stared openly at her due to her attractive face. But this stranger’s gaze irritated her for some reason.

He looked too old to be staring at her like that. She went back to her parent’s house quietly, hoping no one stopped her on her way. Her mum was already outside, waiting for her.

“Well, how did it go?” Teresa, her mum asked as soon as she caught sight of Brittany. Her words seemed to be Brittany’s undoing as she stopped walking and allowed the tears to fall from her eyes.

“Mummy!” She whispered and hugged her mum, her body shaking as she wept on her mum’s shoulders. “I’m still not good enough!”

“You’re more than enough for us,” her mother tried to console her, knowing what had just happened. Teresa wrapped her arms around her daughter tightly, giving her comfort the only way she knew.

Everyone knew Brittany hated the fact that she was an omega and she strived to be seen beyond her physical strength. Teresa has tried to warn her that it wouldn’t matter but she refused to listen.

“He said he didn’t need a weak wolf,” Brittany cried out. “I tried so hard mummy. What else should I have done?” She bellowed, unable to keep her cool any longer.

Her hopes and dreams were crushed and there was nothing she could do about it. She cried out in pain, frustration, and regret. Her mother couldn’t say anything to appease her so she slowly tapped on her back, showing her she understood.

After a while, Brittany stopped crying and left her mother’s embrace. “Tell the Alpha I won’t be going to the clinic today,” she murmured, unable to look at her mother’s eyes. She was scared of being pitied although she looked pitiful right now.

“Alright,” Teresa answered as Brittany entered their small house.

They were not rich but at least her father was able to inherit a house from her grandfather before he passed away. It was a small cottage, a few minutes away from the pack house. Brittany stayed in the pack house but right now she was grateful for her parent’s house.

She lay on her bed and forced herself to sleep.

An hour later,

The voices of her parents pulled Brittany from her slumber. She woke up to hearing her mother yell at her father and went out to find out what was going on

“How could you do such a thing?” Teresa yelled at her husband. Andrew had a blank expression. He wasn’t remorseful about what he had done.

“It was either her or us. I had to choose what was best for the family!” He yelled back. Brittany stood by the side, watching them argue.

“And you thought selling our only daughter was the best decision to make?” Teresa fumed.

“What did you just say?” Brittany interrupted, her eyes wide with shock. She glanced at her parents, waiting for an explanation.

Andrew sighed, not expecting her at the moment. “Listen to me, Princess. The pack had the opportunity of hosting the Alpha King and for some reason, you caught his eyes and he demanded that we give you to him.”

Brittany scoffed in surprise and amusement. Not long ago, her mate had rejected her and now the Alpha King wanted her? Why?

“I don’t understand. I don’t know him so how is that possible?” She asked, confused by her father’s words.

He glanced at Teresa, hoping she could help him out but Teresa ignored his plea for help.

“He saw you leave Alpha Mason’s office earlier,” he explained. She quickly recollected what had happened and then it occurred to her.

“Don’t tell me the Alpha King was that old looking man!” She whispered in shock. This could not be happening to her. Andrew nodded.

“He is too old, Dad. Please tell me you rejected him,” Brittany pleaded, disgust written all over her face. How could such an old man want her? The thought of it made her skin crawl.

Andrew could no longer look at his daughter. “I couldn’t say no. It was either you go with him or he imprisoned us for going against a royal decree,” he answered shamefully.

He had sold his daughter out of fear of the Alpha King while he knew she would never accept to marry the King. Brittany was too shocked to speak.

She glared at her father. She didn’t want to say it but she despised her father for being so weak. It wasn’t his fault but he was ready to clean everybody’s shoes for his selfish interest.

“How could you?” She screamed when she could no longer hold it in. “How could you do this to me? To us?” She hit her chest.

“You’re meant to protect me, Dad, not give me away like I mean nothing to you.”

“I’m sorry, princess but I couldn’t defy him. Why don’t we look at it from the bright side? You will be a true princess or even the queen!”

As the words left his lips, Teresa could no longer control herself and she slapped him on the cheek.

“How dare you, Teresa?” Andrew yelled. His anger was evident on his face. He wasn’t remorseful about what he had done.

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at my mum!” She bellowed, moving to stand in between them.

Suddenly the door was opened and a group of men entered.

“Who are you? How dare you barge into our house?” Brittany asked them. Despite being an omega, she was respected in the pack.

They ignored her and turned to her father. “Is she the one?” One of them asked in a cold tone. He seemed to be their leader.

Andrew nodded. “Whatever I did, I did it for the family, Brittany. You’ll see that one day.”

Before she could speak, the stranger interrupted them again. “We don’t have any time to waste. You will have to come with us, Miss Brittany.” She stiffened and glanced at her father.

“Don’t tell me they are taking me away right now?” Her voice was barely a whisper. He nodded and held her hands.

“This is a great opportunity, my dear.”

She couldn’t look at him and turned to her mother. “Mum,” she called out. Teresa started crying and quickly pulled Brittany in for a hug.

“I’m sorry, my daughter. There is nothing I can do,” she finally said. Brittany understood her mother yet the betrayal was too much.

“Let’s go,” the stranger announced and the two men behind him walked forward to pull her away from her mother.

“No, no! I’m not going with you!” She started struggling. They pulled her away from her mother’s arms and she screamed, trying to fight them off.

It was a futile attempt. The men pulled her away from her house and into a waiting car. To a man, she never would have thought of marrying.

*Flashback ended*

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright

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The Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright - Can two mates be able to accept each other when one is already married? Will their bond be strong enough to accept every flaw? This is the case of Brittany Aston, an omega, who caught the attention of a tyrant King. Her mate rejected her due to the nature of her wolf and she was forced to become the King's mistress. But fate had other plans for her as she gets entangled with her second mate in the palace who happens to be the King's son. Darcy has always been known as a useless prince due to his weak wolf. Meanwhile, while no one watched, he became the strongest wolf in the kingdom.

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright

His wolf became too strong, too dominant to be perceived by an ordinary wolf. Even the King could not see it. After anticipating the arrival of his mate for years, he finds himself in a bind where he has to choose between his mate and his father. What does he do? Will he succumb to the will of his wolf and their mate bond with Brittany? Will Brittany be able to defy all odds to be with her destined soulmate or will the King win her heart? Prepare to be spellbound by this intense tale of love, passion and betrayal. ▲

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