Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright Chapter 3

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Meeting 1

Brittany’s Pov

Brittany had been avoiding Darcy for a few days now. She was too embarassed to see him after her little breakdown in her room. Besides, his last words made the wheels in her head turn.

She couldn’t get it out of her mind despite everything she did. Luckily for her, King Lucian had sent him on a business trip the next day so she had been able to successfully hide from him.

But now he was back. And Darcy wanted to see her. He had sent numerous messages which she had ignored. Brittany knew it was only a matter of time before he came knocking at her door.

“We will have to accommodate all of them, as annoying as it is,” King Lucian grumbled as he took a bite of the pie Brittany had made.

“Is it necessary? I mean, they are also rich. Why don’t I book a hotel for them?” Brittany asked. She scolded herself for not paying attention to the King. If he found out she was lost in thought, she might end up with another bruise tonight.

“You haven’t been listening to a word I say, have you?” He dropped his fork and stared at her. Unconsciously, her back straightened and she sat upright.

“I have, my love,” she gave him a stiff smile.

“Hhmm!” He continued with his food. “It is a yearly meeting usually held in a hotel since there was no queen to handle the preparations. But now I have you,” he glanced at her, to make sure she was paying attention.

“During the week of the meeting, we always stayed together. I like seeing my Alphas and observing them. Who knows, there could be a traitor in their midst,” he chuckled.

Brittany but her lips, not knowing what to say. She had never organized such a huge feast neither did she know anything about it.

“That’s true, but….”

“There is no but, Brittany. You are beginning to annoy me,” he stopped eating again.

“If it is a challenge, I expect you to do your research. After all, you’re a healer. You should be smart.”

She nodded. “I’ll try my best, my love,” she placed her hands on his own. “Why don’t you finish your pie? It’s one of your favorites.”

He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. “It is too sweet, pretty face. Do you want to kill me with too much sugar?” He grumbled but continued eating.

Brittany held herself from rolling her eyes. The King was very distrustful. He trusted no one, not even his two sons which Brittany understood.

They were going to ascend to the throne when he died and could try to kill him just to speed up the process. He was also very cautious.

As he finished the pie, Darcy stumbled to the dining room and pulled out the seat beside Brittany. She stiffened.

“The pie looks very delicious, Brittany. Do you mind sharing some with me?” He teased her. Without speaking, she stood up to get him another plate.

King Lucian held her arm as she passed him. “You do not need to serve anyone else aside from me. Tell the servants to bring him another plate,” he growled.

She nodded before going back to her seat. Brittany was still uncomfortable giving orders to other people as she was not used to it. The maids also looked at her disgustingly, sneering that she was nothing but a mistress.

King Lucian noticed she was hesitating and his expression changed.

“Zachary!” He yelled out and immediately his chief in command came out. “Get the maids in here. It seems there are some things I need to clear.”

Without hesitation, Zachary left and in less than a minute, the two heads of the servants came with him. They bowed as soon as they saw him.

“It seems I didn’t make myself clear the first time I introduced Brittany to both of you,” he stood up and slapped the youngest on her face.

Brittany gasped and quickly closed her mouth else he turned his anger to her. King Lucian had never been a patient person. He was a tyrant ruler of all packs yet no one dared to speak or challenge him. His strength was formidable.

The two maids quickly knelt in fear, their necks exposed in a submissive way.

“We are sorry, Your Majesty,” they chorused in fear but it didn’t seem to appease King Lucian. He simply ignored their plea and sat down.

“You can tell them what you want, pretty wolf. They will get it for you,” he turned to Brittany.

Without much hesitation, she told them. “Get a slice of the cake for Prince Darcy,” she commanded and they stood up to do as ordered.

“This should be the last time my words are disobeyed,” King Lucian warned them, his eyes glowing red and his dominant aura surrounding the room. The two maids, Betty and Riley shivered in fear at his words.

Seeing how angry King Lucian was, Brittany decided to keep quiet until he was done with his meal.


The small smile on Brittany’s lips could not be taken away when she learned she would be permitted to invite her parents to the palace if the meeting with the Alphas was a success.

She could do it, she told herself as she walked in the hallway distracted. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms grabbed her and pulled her into a small laundry room. It was Darcy.

“You have been avoiding me,” he said in a soft but grim voice. It felt like he had been in pain due to her absence. Brittany shook her head in denial, while unable to look at his face.

Them, alone in such a small space made a rush of thrill pass through her and she bit her lips unconsciously. Dean’s eyes glowed as he noticed her little action.

“You little temptress,” he murmured just before he pulled her closer and placed his lips on hers. It was a soft but unexpected kiss.

His actions caught her by surprise and she stood still. Darcy slowly licked her lips as he tried to get her to open up to him. When she refused, he gripped her ass and she gasped.

Using that opportunity, he pushed his tongue into her mouth and the kiss intensified. Brittany could no longer stand still and she wrapped her arms around Darcy’s neck and kissed him back.

The passion between them was so intense, that Brittany’s pants were soaked yet she couldn’t stop. Her wolf urged her for more.

Darcy wrapped his arms around her, unable to get enough of her lips. He could scent her arousal and it fueled his desire. The small laundry room became hot with passion. A hum of pleasure escaped Brittany’s mouth which egged Darcy forward.

He withdrew his lips and started trailing kisses from her mouth to her bare neck. As he sucked on her neck, his teeth protruded and his fangs grazed her skin, the perfect spot to mark his mate.

Brittany’s eyes opened and she pushed him away immediately. It was like a bucket of water had been poured on her as she came back to her senses.

“What the hell was that?” She asked him while using her hand to cover her neck. She couldn’t imagine she had fallen for his trap and glared at him.

“Nothing, I was not going to do anything to you,” he answered but she didn’t believe him.

Glancing at the room to distract her and give her a false sense of courage, Brittany took a few steps back. “Stop trying to seduce me, Darcy. I will not stand for this!”

“Why? You’re mine by nature!”

“And your stepmom by law,” she reminded him. Darcy rolled his eyes.

“He hasn’t married you yet, Brittany. At most, you are just a mistress,” he replied. Her expression changed as soon as she heard his words.

“No, wait…. That is not what I meant,” he quickly tried to correct his words but it was already too late.

A tear fell from her eyes and she dabbed it away. “Indeed, I am just a mistress but I am still acknowledged as King Lucian’s wife. If I want a wedding or mating ceremony, all I have to do is tell him and it will be done.”

“No, you will not,” Darcy said coldly, his expression had changed. “You deserve only the best and if you can give me some time, I promise I’ll save you from him.”

Brittany scoffed. “And how do you intend to do that? You’re a womanizer who spends his whole time flirting. Have you actually tried to think about the affairs of the packs? In case you don’t know, the King calls you useless!”

Her words were harsh but she had to say it. Brittany wanted more for Darcy and his lifestyle pissed her off. They could never be together if he didn’t care about succeeding his father.

Darcy’s face hardened and he walked out of the room without another glance at her. Her wolf whimpered as she saw their mate put an invincible wall towards them.

She felt guilty.


The Alphas were on their way. Meanwhile, Brittany was standing on the porch with a smile on her face. Her smile was stiff and her body tensed.

The palace had been cleaned spotless with the smell of good food permeating the air. King Lucian, Darcy, and Caden had gone to get the Alphas from the borders.

Finally, they arrived. Different men with their security behind them walked towards her with the dominant aura oozing from them. King Lucian walked up to Brittany and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Welcome Alphas, it is a delight to welcome you to the palace,” Brittany said as the Alphas entered the house. Some ignored her while a few gave her a weird and curious glance.

But one person stopped. It was Alpha Richard, her mate. He was shocked to see her by the expression on his face.

“What are you doing here?” He whispered in dismay. Brittany had still not gotten over his rejection and decided to ignore him.

Richard grabbed her arm, pulling her attention to him. “What the hell are you doing here, Brittany?” He yelled, causing the last Alpha to enter the door and stare at him.

“I will control my tone and the manner in which I touch other women in the palace if I were you,” Darcy warned Richard as he walked up to us.

Richard scoffed in amusement. “And what are you going to do? Challenge me?” He dropped his hands and entered the palace, but not before he gave Brittany a look of ‘we are not done’.

“Who is that?” Darcy couldn’t help but ask. He didn’t like the way the Alpha had touched his mate and he was becoming possessive.

“No one,” Brittany answered, unable to look at him in the eyes.

“Is he your ex?” Darcy inquired and she nodded. He was surprised, not expecting an omega to date an Alpha.

“Seems you have had your full taste in men,” Caden said as he passed them.

“He is my mate!” She quickly answered. The words shocked Darcy that he was left speechless.

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright

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The Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright - Can two mates be able to accept each other when one is already married? Will their bond be strong enough to accept every flaw? This is the case of Brittany Aston, an omega, who caught the attention of a tyrant King. Her mate rejected her due to the nature of her wolf and she was forced to become the King's mistress. But fate had other plans for her as she gets entangled with her second mate in the palace who happens to be the King's son. Darcy has always been known as a useless prince due to his weak wolf. Meanwhile, while no one watched, he became the strongest wolf in the kingdom.

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright

His wolf became too strong, too dominant to be perceived by an ordinary wolf. Even the King could not see it. After anticipating the arrival of his mate for years, he finds himself in a bind where he has to choose between his mate and his father. What does he do? Will he succumb to the will of his wolf and their mate bond with Brittany? Will Brittany be able to defy all odds to be with her destined soulmate or will the King win her heart? Prepare to be spellbound by this intense tale of love, passion and betrayal. ▲

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright


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