Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright Chapter 1

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The forbidden Romance

Brittany’s Pov

Brittany’s heart pounded in her chest as she caught sight of Darcy from across the courtyard. His striking good looks and confident stride made her weak in her knees, igniting emotions hidden within her.

No one would believe this same man was a weak and useless wolf. His attitude showed otherwise. His eagle eyes glanced around causing Brittany to quickly find the nearest hiding spot.

She spotted an oak tree and hid there, hoping he didn’t see her. Her wolf whined at her action, wanting to be close to him. Their second mate.

“Brittany, there is no need to hide. I saw you,” Darcy called out in a teasing tone. “I know you are there.”

Fear gripped her as his strong arms pulled her from the tree. Her hands quickly found his shoulders and held onto them. He raised an eyebrow.

“Are you trying to seduce me, mate?” He whispered, his eyes twinkling with adoration.

Brittany’s eyes widened at his words and she pushed him away like his touch burned her. Her face was red with embarrassment.

“What do you take me for, Darcy?” She admonished in a harsh voice. “I am King Lucian’s wife and your stepmother. I would never try to seduce you!”

He just shrugged his shoulders, showing he didn’t believe a word she said. Brittany knew it would take more than a few words to get him to back off but she couldn’t afford to say things to hurt him.

At least, for now there was no need to be harsh. Besides he was doing all these due to the mate bond too. She tried to see the reasons for his actions towards her.

“I don’t care. The Moon Goddess gave you to me. You are mine,” his eyes glowed, showing his possessiveness.

Brittany glanced around, making sure no one heard him make such a claim. “Are you okay? Don’t you know what you just said could lead you to your death?”

“Are you worried about me?” Darcy asked, smiling. Her eyes furrowed, unable to understand this mate of hers.

Their proximity made her wolf relish in his presence so she wanted to stay for a little longer. Darcy took a step towards her and she backed up on the tree.

“I will get you, little mate and you know it. It will be the best night of your life, I promise,” his lips whispered into her ears.

The thought was both thrilling and terrifying to Brittany as she knew what could happen if they got caught. The consequence of succumbing to her desires could get her killed.

“In your dreams, Darcy,” she lifted her chin defiantly, daring him.

He smiled at her expression. “It’s a dare I am willing to accept, my love,” he answered before moving back a little.

Brittany sighed, parting her lips to speak when something or rather someone caught her eyes. A lady emerged from the woods, her clothes disheveled and a knowing smirk on her face. Brittany’s smile fell, and she angrily pushed Darcy away.

“Stay away from me Darcy,” she warned him, her eyes going cold by the second. “I’m not one of your whores!” She glanced at the lady again.

Darcy’s playful demeanor changed as he noticed she was hurt. “Brittany.”

“Is this how you want to spend your life? You need to stop being a flirt for your good,” she snapped, her voice laced with hurt and disappointment.

Everyone knew Darcy was a flirt but she tried to ignore their words. How could he try to flirt with her within minutes of putting his lips on another woman?

Feeling a surge of anger mixed with a sense of betrayal, Brittany turned on her heels and left without another word. She needed time to collect her thoughts and regain her composure.

Darcy couldn’t say anything to defend himself as he watched his mate walk away from him.

As she got to her room, she caught the King’s scent before opening the door and she hesitated. Why was he there? Brittany plastered a smile on her face before opening the door to her room.

Just by seeing King Lucian, she knew what was coming next.

“Where the hell have you been?” King Lucian asked, his aura suffocating her as an omega.

“I… I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I took a stroll in the courtyard,” Brittany answered cautiously. He ignored her words, pacing around the room.

“Come here,” he ordered. She hesitated for a moment and he noticed it. Immediately he walked up to her and slapped her cheeks before pulling her to his body.

“How dare you disobey me?” The Alpha King bellowed, his voice booming through the small room.

“I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again,” she quickly answered, trying to pacify him but her words ignited him further.

His face turned crimson with fury. Without warning, he seized Brittany by the arms and threw her onto the bed, using his strength to subdue her. She struggled only for the King’s eyes to glow in pleasure.

He loved it when she struggled. Brittany knew what was going to happen before it did and she lay there, waiting for him to finish his assault.

A few minutes later, King Lucian stood up, kissed Brittany’s lips and walked out while she lay there.

Brittany felt broken, violated, and helpless. Tears streamed down her face as she curled up into a ball on the bed, reliving the nightmare that had returned to haunt her.

This was not the life she had planned for herself. If only Richard had accepted her when he found out she was his mate. Instead, he rejected her without thinking about it because she was an omega.

At least she was a healer but it didn’t matter since she had no physical strength.

“One day, I’ll leave,” she promised herself, pulling herself together and standing up. As she walked to the joined bathroom, a knock came on the door and immediately it opened.

“Brittany, you should….” His words caught in his throat as his eyes fell on her naked form.

Brittany quickly pulled the sheets from the bed to cover her body. “What the hell is wrong with you, Darcy?” She cried out.

He turned around, resisting the temptation not to look at her. “I’m sorry, I just came to..”

Her soft sobs stopped his words and he turned to her. Brittany was on the floor, sobbing quietly. He glanced at the bed and her body, knowing what had just happened.

Darcy walked up to her and pulled her into his embrace. Immediately he touched her, she shrieked back, her eyes filled with terror and anguish.

He froze, shocked by her expression. He couldn’t utter a word.

“Please leave,” she whispered with a broken voice, unable to look at him. Despite her reaction earlier, all she wanted was to be wrapped by her mate but she couldn’t ask for that.

Brittany was scared of how Darcy saw her.

“I can’t leave, Brit,” he said. “I won’t be able to leave even if I wanted to.”

Words like this were her undoing. She stood up from the floor, drying her eyes. “I don’t care, I need you to leave.” She was determined.

“Not until you tell me what that bastard is doing to you? You’re my mate. You should not be repulsed by my touch!” He insisted.

“What happens between me and my husband is none of your business, Darcy!” She yelled, unable to control her composure.

“Get the hell out of my room,” she pointed at the door.

Darcy stared into her eyes and saw how broken she had become. He wanted to offer her some comfort but she was running away from him.

“Next time,” he whispered a promise to her before walking out of the room and jamming the door.

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright

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The Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright - Can two mates be able to accept each other when one is already married? Will their bond be strong enough to accept every flaw? This is the case of Brittany Aston, an omega, who caught the attention of a tyrant King. Her mate rejected her due to the nature of her wolf and she was forced to become the King's mistress. But fate had other plans for her as she gets entangled with her second mate in the palace who happens to be the King's son. Darcy has always been known as a useless prince due to his weak wolf. Meanwhile, while no one watched, he became the strongest wolf in the kingdom.

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright

His wolf became too strong, too dominant to be perceived by an ordinary wolf. Even the King could not see it. After anticipating the arrival of his mate for years, he finds himself in a bind where he has to choose between his mate and his father. What does he do? Will he succumb to the will of his wolf and their mate bond with Brittany? Will Brittany be able to defy all odds to be with her destined soulmate or will the King win her heart? Prepare to be spellbound by this intense tale of love, passion and betrayal. ▲

Let me go Prince Darcy by Leah Bright


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