Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole Chapter 12

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole Chapter 12

Chapter 12 

Blaise Malakai Vermont

The moment she left the room, I knew I had messed up again

Vera, wait!Laleh called, running after her

As much as I was surprised to see Jasmine, I shouldn’t have been carried away by her actions

Excuse me,I said, pulling Jasmine to the side

But baby- 

I didn’t let her finish her words as I pushed her aside and went after Laleh and Vera. They were more important

In the corridor, I lost sight of Laleh but I could hear the echoes of their feet as they clattered onto the tiled ground

The further they went, the more guilt washed over me

Vera?Laleh’s voice was close

I followed it and found her down the corridors. When she felt my presence, she turned and her angry eyes tore my heart

Where do you think you are going?She hissed

“I wanted to- 

No, Blaise.She cut me off before I could even finish. You have done enough now! Go back to your Jasmine and let me talk to Vera.” 

Laleh it isn’t like that. I didn’t know Jasmine was going to kiss me.” 

Her wolf flashed in her eyes and I could tell just how angry she was but I had to speak to Vera

Look, let me just go and explain to her.” 

A dark chuckle escaped Laleh’s lips as she halted in front of me

Have some shame Blaise and try to listen to yourself the next time you want to lie! You still love Jasmine that’s why when she kissed you, you didn’t stop her or push her away. You accepted it because you wanted it!” 

Her words hit me deep in my chest, not because they were far from the truth but because of the conviction in her voice

Laleh, I don’t love Jasmine. It’s Vera I love.” 

Yet you were hugging and kissing Jasmine, right in front of her. What do you think she is made of? Papers?” 

I tried to close the distance between us but she raised her hands, warning me to stay away from her

*Laleh, please you are meant to help me here. Jasmineyou know Jasmine isn’t- 

She isn’t what?She snapped, cutting me off. Just take a few seconds to think about it, Blaise. Think before you let it out and maybe, you will see your mistake!She hissed and walked away from me

My wolf sank, in the same manner as my hands and my legs stopped


Chapter 12 

I wanted to go after her, I wanted to tell her how wrong she was. I wanted to reming 

Like hell, I could still feel the contours of her body that first night we spent together

Every cell in my body wanted her but the whole scene played in my mind again. I saw myself hugging Jasmine

At that moment, my heart didn’t beat for Vera, but for Jasmine

But I could have sworn it was just the shock of the moment. Nothing else

How else did she think I would react after I saw someone I thought I had 

d with my curse

But I placed myself in Vera’s shoes. She was bound to be hurt by such actions. I would have destroyed the whole pack if I saw her hugging Nicholas talk more about kissing him


My fingers ran through my hair as frustration watched all over me. Once again, I found myself having to fix my 

with Vera 

Why was it so hard


My eyes turned in the direction Laleh had taken and I signed. I couldn’t keep standing here without doing anything

I went back to my study in search of the one person who could help me, fix this Jasmine

Oh, babe, you are back.She joined me at the door, her smile filling her face

But I walked past her and settled on my chair. Jasmine took the cue and sat on the chair opposite mine

Tneed your help with something.I whispered

She clapped her hands together and her smile grew even brighter. Sure. What is it?” 

My ears were burning as I tried to make the sentence in my head. I wasn’t what people called romantic but for Vera, I could try anything

I swallowed my embarrassment and threw the question at her

If you want to make a woman happyWhat is a man supposed to do?” 

It’s very simple, babe. All you have to do is organize a sweet dinner date with candles. Get the chef to make her favorite meals and get her an amazing dress. She will be thrilled!” 

My brows were raised with uncertainty. Are you sure?” 

Women were really strange beings because I could have never imagined that a common dinner could make them happy

Of course. I am a hundred and ten percent sure.” 

I nodded, thinking through my schedule. I couldn’t make it to the boutique in good time

I quickly took out my phone and sent the instructions to my beta. I would have sent them to Laleh but she was too pissed at me to do anything

Thank you, Jasmine.I got on my feet and started heading out but Jasmine blocked my path

She blinked, her smile hanging on thin air. Are you leaving again?” 


Chapter 12 

Yes, do you need something?I asked, with my brows still raised as I couldn’t understand why she was stopping me

No, I just wanted toAsk what brand of dress you will be getting me” 

You want a dress?” 

Her eyes blinked a couple of times as if I was speaking another language

Isn’t dinner, we just talked about for me?” 

Now it was my turn to look at her like she had grown a second head

I am not preparing dinner for you Jasmine. It is for Vera. Why would I prepare dinner for you?” 

I wasn’t stupid. I knew exactly why she had gotten herself trapped in that room. She had been cheating on me and the goddess had saved her when she suffocated in that room. I still didn’t know how she survived and maybe I didn’t want to 


But I wasn’t going to forget all that happened and act like it was all fine

But Babe- 

Don’t try to get under my bad side, Jasmine. I am happy you are back but know your place.” 

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

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Her moans were music to my ears, along with the creaking of the bed and our pants. Her sweaty b*dy clung to mine, making her appear like a freaking goddess as she gave me that f**king look that drove me to the brink of insanity, and bit her lips.l increased my pace, and threw my head back, closing my eyes to relish this new feeling. The more I rammed into her, the more she screamed my name. It fueled me to keep going."Blaise, don't f**king stop." She breathed"Not till you can't walk anymore, baby." It was a promise and I was going to f**king do it, even if it was going to require all nightl needed her body to quake as I brought her round after round of orgasms.

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

I needed to see her eyes roll to the back of her head till she was unable to form coherent sentences. I wanted her to only remember me whenever she thought about s*x.Her bloody glistened with sweat and I eyed the spot in-between her neck that shone a bright red and howled. My canines extended and the red in my eyes dominated as I leaned down to inhale her scent. She cried out when my canine dug into her skin and the pleasure we both felt skyrocketed by a thousand. I drunk on her, enjoying the sound our flesh slapping against each other and the sight of her breasts bouncing each time I pounded into her.I licked the spot that bore my mark and growled, "you're mine now, Vera. All mine."********After been unlucky in her first marriage, Vera bumped into Malakai, a powerful Alpha and luck shone on her. "Mate"


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