Under Mafia Protection by chavonthe Chapter 25

Under Mafia Protection by chavonthe Chapter 25

Chapter 25 


We were on our way to Miami, sitting in Alessio’s private jet. There were two more hours to go, and not knowing the reason for this trip was driving me insane. Just like all days, Alessio was distant, only speaking when necessarybut I didn’t mind

He was busy doing whatever he was doing in the back, while Naty sat on the opposite right of me with her face pressed against the window. Until now she had pointed out almost every single cloud, and gushed about flying nonstop

I hated Dying. Usually, I would have several weeks to mentally prepare myself, but this trip had been decided overnight and I had no say. The only positive was that Anson could not stalk me or get to me from here 

Mommy, are you alright? Naty’s concerned voice broke through my thoughts 

Yes, baby, don’t worry about me,” I replied, faking a smile. I was seconds away from puking, but the only thing holding me back was the fear of Alessio throwing a fit

He had suddenly appeared from the back and walked towards us, probably to sit on his seat beside Naty. My heart immediately raised, but this time it was not because of the fear, but from the bad vibe he always seemed to carry with him

Hi, hit Naty greeted him with a big smile as he sat next to her. Alessio returned the smile, patting her head gently. Naty looked comfortable around him, and their interactions were sweet and natural, making me wonder when they had the chance to bond in such a short time

However he felt about me, he didn’t take it out on Naty. That’s one thing I couldn’t dislike about him

I took a deep breath, and started counting my fingers, trying to calm my nerves as the plane shook slightly. When I looked up, I caught Alessio staring at me with an unreadable expression

Mommy is scared of flying.” Naty exposed me, breaking the awkward silence

I shook my head quickly, looking at Alessio. It’s not a big deal” 

Alessio’s expression hadn’t changed. His face remained emotionless with no hint of sympathy or concern at my fear for flying. He couldn’t care less, but then againin order to care, he would have to have a heart

1 bet the only reason he wouldn’t want to leave me behind at the mansion was because he feared I would run my mouth to Dante

Nary turned to Alessio with a glow in her eyes. Do you want to play a game with me?she asked, eagerly 

I quickly intervened, Naty, don’t bother 

Sure, what game are 

are we playing!Alessio spoke to my surprise, cutting me off. His focus was on Naty and Naty only

Nary’s face lit up. I spy with my little eye. something yellow!” 

I gave the table in between us a tap to grab his attention, and leaned forward. You really don’t have to do- 

Your juice!Alessio cut me off once again, pointing out the clear cup, filled with mango juice, in front of Naty

So he was just going to treat me like a ghost, was that it

Nope!Nary giggled

The curtainshe tried again


Watching Alessio make an effort to play along with Naty, made me appreciate his gesture. He was still an idiot, but his gentle way of interacting with her, seeing him drop his iron shield, made him less annoying

Is that thing of

of yours even here?Alessio asked, halfjoking

Yes!Naty told him, You just have to step up your game.” 

The pen on the table?he guessed again

Naty shook her head before releasing a yawn. No, no, no” 

Chapter 25 

The buttons on your dress Alessio pulled a face as if he was in deep thoughts. I couldn’t hold back my laughter, seeing how serious he was about this game. It was a new side of him, one I had yet to see

Instead of ending the game, he kept guessing, hoping to find whatever Naty made her target. There were times I wished Anson would play with her like that, but he always told her he was too tired. Maybe next time. You should ask your mommy who doesn’t has a job to get to, was what he would tell her, and Naty wouldn’t take any offense

Instead, she kept listening to his fake promises, believing he would one day make some time to play with her. 

Wow, you’re lame, and you suck at this,” Naty huffed, blowing her checks with air

Naty.I sat up straight, shaking my head. That’s not very nice of you, apologize.” 

Suddenly, the fear of Alessio, who was full of pride, throwing her out of the window, midair, had gotten to me

It’s okay.Alessio shot me a sharp look, telling me not to interfere. Then he turned back to Naty with a smirk. Something yellow? It must be your 

teeth then!” 

1 slightly covered my mouth, not wanting to betray my sixyearold daughter by laughing at his comeback. Alessio, who had noticed, flashed a brief 

smile at me 

Hey!Naty shouted, showing off her pearly white teeth. My teeth aren’t yellow, they are white! I brush them every morning and evening!

Alessio squinted his eyes, All I see is a gap,” he teased her, looking at her two missing z front teeth

You know,Naty suddenly grabbed his arm, I can still bite her away

you with this gap?she moved her teeth closer to his arm

while Alessio gently pushed 

Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!he laughed, apologizing

You did go to school, right?Naty folded her arms

Alessio clicked his tongue, Of course, I did

Then you should be able to guess the color Naty challenged

Alessio’s laughter filled the plane, a sound I realized I hadn’t heard much from him. He looked happy, genuinely happyand it was all because of Naty. For the first time I didn’t feel uncomfortable around him, and it was all because of Naty 

Yellow? Let’s see,Alessio locked eyes with mine, and my cheeks flushed instantly. He reached across the table with his hand, Jeaning closer. Before I knew it, he let his hand glide through my ponytail then he pulled back with a smile

His touch gave me shivers, or maybe it was the way he slightly pulled my ponytail What was that all about

Mommy’s hair tie?he guessed this time

Finally!Naty let out a dolphinlike squeal at his correct guess

1 felt embarrassed, realizing what he had been doing. All he wanted was to 

see my hairtie, and here I was, blushing le 

blushing like an idiot 

I thought I’d turn from six to sixty waiting for your answer!Naty exclaimed, Now it’s your turn, Alessio,” 

There we go again

You don’t have toI had already begun, but Alessio nearly flew across the table and covered my mouth with his hand, making Naty burst into giggles

Once again, I felt the heat rush to my cheeks

Stop telling me what to do?Alessio chuckled with a frown, his demand sounding more so like a question

He removed his hand, giving me the chance to speak. Alright, sorry.I dismissed my words, waving my hands while smiling like an idiot, I just keep my mouth shut and- 

Thank you.” 

As they continued their game, I came to the conclusion that Alessio and Naty got along well because he had a little sister. Dealing with a child came natural to him


12.04 PM 

Chapter 25 

I had seen the way that family treated Melody, the way they treasured her, loved herand Alessio interacted with Naty the same way

Even to the point he let her fall asleep on his shoulder, when she finally had enough the game. With Nary being asleep, the silence in the plane wasn’t the awkward kind I had gotten used to

It was peaceful, almost comfortable, and it was all because of her. I still couldn’t understand how the hell it had gotten to the point where I needed to depend on my sixyearold. It especially made me worry because I didn’t know what it would be like when she wouldn’t be around us

“I can take her,” I offered softly as the plane touched down in Miami

Alessio shook his head. It’s a long walk to the car, I’ll carry her,he said, carefully lifting Naty without waking her

Thank you,” I showed my gratitude for his considerate action

After our luggage got taken, we exited the plane with just the three of us. No bodyguards, no entourage, who had all been in the back of the plane. and strangely enoughit felt good not to have them around

The walk to the car was indeed long, but once we arrived, a driver was already waiting for us. Diego welcomes you and your fiancée to Miami, and he can’t wait to welcome you to his mansion.the man spoke

Diego, I repeated the name in my head as we got seated in the 

He must’ve been one of Alessio’s associates, the reason we were here

1 looked to my side. Naty sat between us, half asleep and still leaning her head against Alessio’s shoulder

Mommy?She rubbed her eyes while Alessio shushed her

Mommy is here, go back to sleephe whispered to her

I smiled at him gratefully, while he returned the gesture with a nod. I had gotten more acknowledgment from him on that plane than I ever did since he forced me to be his fiancée

Something shifted in the air, and whatever it was, I hoped it could stay this way

Under Mafia Protection by chavonthe

Under Mafia Protection by chavonthe

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"From now on, you're my fiancée, and my fiancée should live with me. Don't talk, don't ask questions. Just obey," he spoke. "When you come to the mansion tomorrow, I'll expect to see you in your casual clothes and with your suitcases." -- When Jimena, a young single mother with a dark past and a violent ex she's desperate to forget, crosses paths with Alessio Fanucci, a dangerous mafia heir, her world is turned upside down. All she wanted was to get by working as a maid at the Fanucci mansion and to keep her distance from the three infamous Fanucci brothers as much as possible. Things take a turn when the oldest brother and heir, Alessio, breaks off his arranged engagement with his ex and urgently needs a new one. Alessio, cold, ruthless, dominant, and not someone anyone talks back to, sees the quiet Jimena as nothing more than his pawn. Meanwhile, she sees Alessio as nothing more than another monster she needs to escape. As they spend more time together, the lines between fake and reality begin to blur, and they discover they have more in common than they initially thought. Tensions rise when Jimena's ex returns, threatening her new comfortable life and the secrets she’s been withholding. He is out for revenge and is determined to go to any length for it, even if that means forming an alliance with the Fanuccis' enemy, who happens to be the family of Alessio’s ex. With a war, untold truths, and feelings at stake, will Jimena’s newly formed bonds keep standing, or will everything around her crumble?

Under Mafia Protection by chavonthe


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