When she left
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When she left

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Synopsis When she left

I once believed I was the happiest woman in the world. My husband was not only incredibly handsome and wealthy, but also gentle and caring. For three years after our marriage, he treated me like a princess. But everything changed the day I saw my usually composed and reserved husband corner his so-called “sister” against the wall, furiously demanding, “You chose to marry another man back then. What right do you have to ask anything of me?!” It was then that I realized how passionately he could love someone—enough to drive him to madness. Understanding my place, I quietly divorced him and vanished from his life. Everyone said Christopher Valence had lost his mind, desperate to find his seemingly insignificant ex-wife. No one knew that when he saw Hope Royston on another man’s arm, it felt like a hole had been torn through his heart, making him wish he could kill his past self. “Hope, please come back to me.” With bloodshot eyes, Christopher knelt on the ground, begging humbly. Hope finally realized that all the rumors were true. He really had gone mad.

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  1. Isha says:

    Can I know when or how is the schedule for updates for this book. I loved it so please let me know. Thank you in advance!!

  2. Don’t post this comment just copy the text and upload the chapter says:

    Hi, so I have chapter 121, but please don’t post this comment just copy the text and upload this chapter and please update more I’m invested in this story😭

    Chapter 121: In Short, I Won’t Allow It

    When Elissa heard this, she wasn’t disappointed. Instead, she gossiped, “So, are you going out with that guy, Jerry Hammer, across from you?”

    I asked, “How did you know?”

    “Who else is around you that I’m not in the loop about? Besides me, there’s Cecil and Christopher. You wouldn’t waste your time with Christopher, and if it were Cecil, you’d have told me straight up. That leaves only Jerry Hammer.”

    My gaze drifted to the neon-lit skyscrapers in the distance as I chuckled,
    “Alright, nothing gets past you, does it?”

    After a few more minutes of idle chatter, I hung up the phone. Turning around, I saw that Christopher was already awake.
    I pocketed my phone, replaced my smile with a calm demeanor, and said, “Since you’re awake, you should go back.”

    Christopher’s dark eyes stared at me. “Are you trying to avoid me now?”

    I shook my head and walked into the living room. “No, I just want to reduce my troubles.”

    Just as everyone believed, I was an orphan with no one to rely on. Whether it was the Valences or the Harris family, I couldn’t afford to provoke them, so it was best to avoid them.

    Christopher frowned, “Did Evelyn Valence come looking for you again?”

    “It was Kimberly. She came to see me,” I stated plainly, feeling a wave of exhaustion. “Christopher, let’s not make things difficult for each other. Let’s get the divorce papers as soon as possible.”

    But Christopher ignored my words and changed the subject nonchalantly. “Why are you suddenly selling the house? Did something happen?”

    “That’s none of your business.”

    The more we talked, the deeper the entanglement was. It wasn’t necessary.

    Christopher pinched the bridge of his nose and asked another question. “How much money do you need? Is the money from the house enough?”

    This question was even more direct. I frowned, not wanting to answer. “There’s no need for us to discuss this…”

    “I…” Christopher sighed, cutting me off.
    “Does getting a divorce mean we have to cut all ties? Can’t I help you?”

    Christopher’s gaze remained fixed on me.
    His eyes, darkened by alcohol, seemed to draw me in.

    Momentarily stunned, I lowered my eyelashes when I regained my
    composure. “At the very least, we need to be clear about money. Other than what’s in the divorce agreement, I don’t want anything else, including the shares. Once the divorce process is complete, I’ll return them to you.”

    I took a deep breath, striving to maintain a light tone. “The best way you can help me is by not bothering me.”

    Only then would the troubles stay away from me. Only then could I live my life in

    I never imagined that the Christopher I once cherished and pursued so desperately would now be someone I yearned to sever ties with completely.

    Hearing this, Christopher’s expression turned desolate. After a moment, he spoke in a low, slow voice. “Do you think I’m a complete mess when it comes to family matters?”

    I was taken aback, feeling a pang of bitterness. “What do you mean?”

    Christopher’s raven-black eyelashes drooped, and with a hint of drunkenness, he laughed self-deprecatingly. “To repay Brenda’s kindness, I kept indulging Evelyn Valence, ruining my own marriage. Now, when I come home, the house is empty. I don’t even look forward to coming home.”

    Scenes from the past three years, which had been relatively harmonious, suddenly flooded my mind. Even though I didn’t know that Christopher’s gentle and reserved demeanor was just a facade to placate me for the first three years, I had felt happiness in this marriage.

    I had waited for Christopher to come home at night; and in the morning, I had woken up to see him sleeping beside me.

    That sense of happiness once had me deeply entranced. But once the illusion was shattered, there was no going back. I even felt that my past self was ridiculously naive.

    A wave of bitterness surged from my heart to my nose. I turned my head and sniffled, not responding.

    I didn’t know what else to say.

    Should I talk about how miserable I was or take the opportunity to curse him out?

    Neither would make any difference.

    Christopher exhaled a heavy breath.
    “Now, I realize that Brenda isn’t quite the person I thought she was.”

    I pressed my lips together thoughtfully, then asked, “How old were you when she had that accident saving you?

    “Twelve,” he replied, his voice steady, the memory sharp and clear.

    I couldn’t help but murmur, “No wonder you were so easily deceived.”

    A twelve-year-old could be led to believe anything, especially when confronted with someone lying in a hospital bed, supposedly due to saving him, with Charlie constantly reminding him of the debt.

    And with Brenda’s manipulations, I could practically envision how she treated Christopher after marrying into the Valence family-attending to his every need meticulously.

    She was merely biding her time, hoping Christopher would eventually elevate her to a life of even greater luxury. Ideally, Evelyn could marry Christopher.

    “What did you say?” Christopher asked, his expression confused, clearly having missed my words.

    I brushed it off. “Nothing. So what about Brenda makes you feel differently now?”

    “She knows about Charlie and Evelyn, yet she still wants me to marry her.”
    Christopher’s tone was cold, with an emotion that was hard to decipher.

    I was surprised. The fact that Brenda and Evelyn could reconcile was truly unimaginable. Just a few days ago, they were gnashing their teeth at each other in the courthouse, and now they’d struck a deal.

    I chuckled, a hint of sarcasm in my voice.
    “What about Kimberly? Planning to marry both of them?”

    Christopher looked at me helplessly, but there was a hint of tenderness in his eyes, as if making a promise. “Hope Royston, I won’t marry anyone. Don’t listen to or believe what others say.”

    I was suddenly stunned, unconsciously clenching my palms. “Who you marry has nothing to do with me anymore. You don’t need to explain this to me.”

    With that, I checked the time and issued an ultimatum. “It’s late. I have things to do tomorrow. You should go.”

    A man and a woman alone together-it was better to have some boundaries.

    Christopher was silent for a long time, but being his proud self, he couldn’t stand me repeatedly asking him to leave.
    He stood up somewhat awkwardly, his steps a bit unsteady.

    “I’ll transfer the money to you, but you can’t sell the house.”

    Perhaps because he had been drinking, Christopher’s eyes were misty, and his voice was a bit hoarse.

    I refused again, my patience wearing thin, “I said I don’t need it. How I handle the house is my business, not yours.”

    “In short, I won’t allow it.”

    Christopher gave me a deep look, left those words, and turned to leave.

    The next day, when I woke up, I saw a new string of numbers in my bank balance, and I was extremely annoyed.

    Elissa was ready to take me to look at office buildings. She put down the lunch she had brought for me and started counting the numbers on my phone.

    The more she counted, the brighter her eyes became, “One, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, million -you’re rich!”

  3. kara says:

    please update, it’s been a while now.

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