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If you are here, it means you are passionate about reading good stories. We will be happy to bring your requested stories. Before making the story request, please follow the below rules.

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  • Write the name from where the story is to be taken Pick.
  • Write the author’s name

Welcome avid readers! At Theworldwidebook, we believe that the heart of a great reading experience lies in the connection between the story and its audience. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new feature that puts the power in your hands – “Request Your Desired Stories.”

We understand that every reader has unique tastes and preferences, and we want to tailor our content to suit your desires. Whether you’re a fan of thrilling mysteries, heartwarming romances, epic fantasies, or thought-provoking science fiction, we want to hear from you. Our community is diverse, and we’re eager to explore the vast literary landscape together.

How does it work? Simply drop us a comment or send us an email with your story requests. Tell us about the genres, themes, or specific elements you’d love to see in the next featured story on Theworldwidebook. Your input will not only shape the content we provide but also create a space for fellow readers to discover new and exciting tales.

Imagine the joy of seeing your favorite genre take center stage or stumbling upon a story crafted just for you. Your requests will fuel our commitment to delivering a reading experience that resonates with every one of you.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of storytelling with us, and let your voice be heard. Your story requests will not only enhance your reading journey but also contribute to the vibrant and dynamic community we’re building here at Theworldwidebook. Happy reading!


  1. Patricia says:

    Un Segundo Comienzo Con Mi Ex-esposo por Dalia Herrera

  2. Malvina says:

    Could you pkease add the following novels?

    1- My accidental husband is a billionaire
    Author….Keira Olsen
    2- Heartbreak brings Mr Right
    Author….Mathe Hackett
    From MoborReader
    3- CEO’s charming substitute bride (Evelyn and Matheo)
    Fdom Novelcat or Novelpoly or Popnovel

  3. La novela se llama: Segundo comienzo con mi ex esposo
    Escrito por Dalia Herrera
    En Buenovela

  4. Hannah says:

    Could you find the story Rejecting her twin alphas by azraelmeow. It’s on Dreame.

  5. Claudia says:

    La esposa sustituta del millonario , está en Dreame.

  6. Maria Olavarria gonzalez says:

    Los gemelos sorpresa del multimillonario

  7. Michele Doyle says:

    Merrick and Kinley

  8. Rhae says:

    Please post this novel: Mayor’s Dutiful Wife
    By Janedoewritings is in good novels app

  9. Mariah Ortiz says:

    Untouchable by Marii Solaria from the moonlight avatar series

  10. Maria del carmen says:

    Podrías agregar la novela
    La amante a sueldo del multimillonario alfa, la aplicación se llama Kiss
    Pero no se el nombre de la autora.

  11. Adriaba says:

    Hi, can you find: Luna#s Return: My Alpha Regretted Rejecting Me – Ever Moon. Its in GoodNovel.
    Thank you

  12. Soso says:

    ***On Good novel****

  13. Eri says:

    Hola buenas podrían encontrar la de Amor Prohibido: Atrapada por el CEO, la ví en la app de Webfic, el autor lo desconozco. De ante mano muchas gracias 😃

  14. Alirimar says:

    Enredados en luz de luna. De la autora lenaleia

  15. Alirimar says:

    Disculpen, estaba leyendo enredado en luz de luna, y no me salen las actualizaciones, que están aparte del capitulo 140

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