Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian CHAPTER 8

Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian CHAPTER 8

Chapter 8 No Need For Pretense

  • Madelyn had no immediate plans to confront Janessa directly.
  • They had numerous unresolved issues between them, and this moment was merely the tip of the iceberg.
  • “Janessa, since Sebastian has made the effort to come pick me up, I won’t be staying any longer,” Madelyn stated as she offered a polite smile and casually looped her arm through Sebastian’s.
  • As they prepared to leave, Janessa hastily reached out and grabbed her, crying out, “Wait!”
  • Madelyn turned, a look of confusion crossing her face. “What’s the matter? Is there something else?”
  • Janessa, having finally gotten the opportunity to be close to Sebastian, couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving, especially not with Madelyn. The idea of them together, alone, was intolerable.
  • With a forced laugh, she quickly improvised, “I noticed you haven’t really been enjoying yourself today. Now that Sebastian is here, and with Christopher around as well, why don’t we all stay a bit longer? We could all have a blast together, what do you think?”
  • Internally, Madelyn scoffed at the suggestion. Have a blast? she thought derisively. Out loud, she diplomatically responded, “But Janessa, you know that Sebastian has always disliked noisy settings. Perhaps we should reconsider.”
  • Madelyn was wary of whatever else Janessa might concoct if they lingered. She definitely preferred to avoid any unnecessary complications.
  • Turning toward Sebastian with a warm smile, she said, “Darling, wait for me here. I’m going to grab my bag.”
  • Sebastian nodded slightly, his expression unreadable.
  • The corners of Janessa’s mouth twitched involuntarily a few times. She hadn’t anticipated Madelyn declining her invitation. This unexpected defiance left her flustered. What’s going on with Madelyn today?
  • However, once Sebastian had given his approval, Janessa knew it wasn’t appropriate to press them to stay further.
  • Remembering the events of the evening, she addressed Sebastian awkwardly, “Sebastian, about what happened tonight, it was a misunderstanding. I must have mistaken someone else for her… But I was just concerned something might happen to Madelyn.”
  • Sebastian offered Janessa a cold glance but remained silent, dismissing her explanation.
  • Feeling more unsettled by his reaction, Janessa watched as Madelyn, now with her bag, approached. “We’re heading out now, Janessa. Enjoy the evening,” Madelyn said crisply.
  • Before Janessa could muster a response, the couple intertwined their hands and walked out of the hotel together.
  • Janessa stood there, her fists clenched tightly as her nails dug into her palms. A fierce jealousy blazed in her eyes, wishing she could physically tear Madelyn apart.
  • How could Madelyn, of all people, deserve to stand beside someone as exceptional as Sebastian? It should have been me at his side!
  • Just then, a soft chuckle broke her reverie. “It seems I’ve been involuntarily involved in your scheme, haven’t I?”
  • Janessa turned to see Christopher, his presence unwelcome at that moment. He was clad in a grey bathrobe, which only deepened her frown. “What are you implying?” she snapped. “Who’s scheming whom?”
  • Christopher’s chuckle deepened. “Stop pretending. I’ve seen through you. But I must admit, I didn’t expect you to have feelings for Sebastian! Who would have thought, you like to steal someone else’s lover.”
  • A blush crept over Janessa’s face, her breathing quickened. “Christopher, stop spouting nonsense!” she protested vehemently.
  • “Spouting nonsense? Do you realize how you look at Sebastian, as if you can’t wait to devour him? Setting me up with Madelyn, that’s for your own benefit, isn’t it?” Christopher laid bare her motives without any remorse.
  • Janessa was a mix of embarrassment and anger. “What on earth do you want!” she demanded, frustration coloring her tone.
  • Christopher, still maintaining his lighthearted demeanor, replied, “No need for such a strong reaction, I just want to collaborate with you.”
  • “Collaborate?” Janessa became instantly cautious. “Collaborate on what?”
  • Christopher laid out his proposition clearly, “It’s quite simple. I want to win over Madelyn, and you have feelings for Sebastian. If you help me win Madelyn’s heart, wouldn’t that leave you free to pursue Sebastian wholeheartedly?”
  • Janessa couldn’t deny that the idea was appealing.
  • Reflecting on it, handling Madelyn alone had proved challenging. With her recent unpredictable behavior, having an ally might indeed prove advantageous.
  • After a brief moment of thought, Janessa gave Christopher a nod, her resolve firming. “All right, I’m looking forward to our cooperation!”
  • Outside the hotel, the moment they stepped into the cool night air, Sebastian promptly withdrew his hand, creating a subtle distance between them.
  • Yet, Madelyn was undeterred and, with a bold resolve, clung to him once more.
  • “Let go!” Sebastian demanded, a touch of helplessness marking his features as he attempted to gently shake her off.
  • “I won’t let go.” Madelyn’s tone was resolute, her grip firm like an adhesive patch that refused to be detached.
  • Sebastian’s frown deepened, conceding defeat to her persistence. He realized there was little he could do but accept her clinginess for the moment.
  • As they settled into the car and buckled up, the air between them was charged with an unspoken tension.
  • Reflecting on the evening’s events and particularly on Janessa’s dubious demeanor, Sebastian turned to Madelyn with a stern warning. “Keep your distance from Janessa in the future; she’s not as straightforward as you might think.”
  • Hearing these words, a surge of emotions overwhelmed Madelyn.
  • In her past life, Sebastian had often issued similar cautions, which she had mistakenly interpreted as attempts to sow discord.
  • Now, with the clarity of hindsight, she recognized that he had been right about Janessa all along. Her previous naivety had made her an easy target for manipulation.
  • With newfound resolve, Madelyn snuggled closer to Sebastian, wrapping her arms tightly around his. “Mm, I’ll listen to you from now on,” she murmured obediently.
  • The frown on Sebastian’s face deepened further.
  • He had noticed a distinct change in Madelyn’s behavior over the past few days.
  • Previously, such a directive from him would have sparked her anger, yet now she was not only affectionate but also surprisingly compliant—behavior that was entirely out of character for her.
  • As Sebastian prepared to drive, he noticed Madelyn’s grip remained. With a slight furrow of his brow, he reminded her, “I’m driving, let go of my hand.”
  • Reluctantly, Madelyn released her grip, biting her lip as she withdrew her hand.
  • Upon their arrival at Lockhart Villa ten minutes later, Sebastian left Madelyn at the entrance with a neutral expression. “Go on in, and get some rest early,” he instructed briefly before turning to leave.
  • However, before he could get far, a warm embrace enveloped him from behind.
  • “Don’t leave.”
  • Madelyn wasn’t entirely sure what had taken hold of her emotions, but something impulsive surged within her. In an unguarded moment, she wrapped her arms around Sebastian from behind, her voice filled with a pleading urgency. “Sebastian, you can’t leave. I won’t let you go.”
  • She hadn’t foreseen that her actions would serve as a tipping point, pushing Sebastian’s patience to its limit.
  • “So, what exactly do you want to do?” Sebastian demanded sharply, his tone piercing the chilly air.
  • Suddenly, he turned to face her, his eyes alight with a fiery intensity that seemed to peer straight into her soul. He took deliberate, measured steps toward her, each one seeming to magnify his formidable presence and the palpable tension between them.
  • For the first time, Madelyn witnessed this intense side of Sebastian, causing her to retreat a few steps back in mild fear. “I…”
  • “You don’t need to pretend to be all friendly and affectionate,” Sebastian interrupted, his voice growing stern. “What are you really scheming in your heart? Speak up.”
  • Ever since their engagement, Madelyn had displayed an uncharacteristic forwardness, initiating intimacy that was completely at odds with her previous disdain for him.
  • This drastic change bewildered Sebastian. What could possibly explain her sudden shift in behavior?
  • Madelyn understood his reaction; her past behavior had indeed been extreme. She recognized the need to rebuild the trust that her actions had eroded, but she struggled with how to begin.
  • Silence stretched between them, heavy and fraught with tension. Finally, Madelyn spoke, her voice low and earnest. “If I were to tell you that I’m not planning anything, would you believe me?”
Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian

Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian

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In the previous life, she was framed and ended up deserted by the crowd, dying miserably in prison. After rebirth, she seemed to have gained superpower, tearing apart the mistress, fighting against the scum man, bravely fighting the wicked stepmother, all to protect everything she wanted to protect. Previously, she was too unruly, wronging that kind man. Now she was filled with deep regret. After rebirth, she tried every means to get close to him, seeking hugs, acting cute, seducing... using all kinds of skills, just to unlock his heart. Sebastian, however, always remained cautious of her: "Madelyn, what are you up to?" Madelyn smiled, "I'm not up to anything, I'm just very serious... about chasing you!"
Reborn to Win His Heart Again Novel Madeline and Sebastian


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