Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian CHAPTER 7

Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian CHAPTER 7

Chapter 7 Her Meticulously Crafted Plan

  • Sebastian slid his cell phone into his pocket with a swift motion, grabbed his car keys from the table, and made a beeline toward the hotel with a determined stride.
  • If anything were to happen to her… If even a single strand of her hair was harmed, I’ll make sure Christopher faces some dire consequences!
  • In the meantime, Madelyn had quietly exited the private room, but contrary to expectations, she did not head toward the restroom. Instead, she stealthily moved to a secluded corner of the hallway.
  • It only took a few moments before she spotted Christopher discreetly tailing her. Observing her leave, he looked around cautiously and then proceeded directly into the ladies’ restroom.
  • This was exactly what Madelyn had anticipated. She was all too familiar with Janessa’s manipulative schemes from her previous life. Initially, Janessa had orchestrated a scenario where she ended up in Christopher’s arms while inebriated, followed by strategically booking a room, and then ensuring Sebastian was summoned to witness the unfolding drama. By this time, Sebastian was undoubtedly on his way.
  • Shortly thereafter, Janessa appeared as well.
  • Madelyn watched her from the shadows, a sneer forming inside her. It was almost pitiful how she had once regarded Janessa as her closest friend. Considering the effort Janessa had put into this setup, Madelyn decided it shouldn’t go to waste.
  • With calculated intent, she sent a message to Christopher: Christopher, I’m feeling drunk and awful. Could you come to Room 6318?
  • Room 6318? Upon receiving the message, Christopher retrieved the room card Janessa had provided earlier. He confirmed the room number matched the one Madelyn had texted. It appeared everything was in order.
  • Given how she was all dolled up today, I thought she’d dismiss me, thinking she’s now out of my league. But judging from her message, it seems she still can’t forget about me!
  • Buoyed by this thought, he promptly made his way to the room.
  • Everything was set according to their initial plan. Now, both Janessa and Madelyn had the same objective—to await Sebastian’s arrival.
  • Fifteen minutes later, a gleaming luxury sedan pulled up sharply, parking smoothly beneath the hotel awning.
  • As Sebastian emerged from the vehicle, his presence was commanding, radiating an intense aura of authority. Although his face bore signs of anxiety and displeasure, these emotions did not detract from his inherent charisma, reminiscent of a natural-born leader.
  • Janessa, having been at the hotel for some time, was confident everything had been arranged flawlessly.
  • Seeing Sebastian, she quickly approached him. “Sebastian! You’re finally here. I just went to knock on their door, but there was no response from inside. Sebastian, it’s a man and a woman alone in a room… do you think they might have… well, you know…”
  • Sebastian’s expression, already stormy, grew even darker. He immediately summoned the hotel manager.
  • Upon seeing Sebastian, the manager felt as if an icy chill had enveloped him.
  • “Lead the way.”
  • Just three words, yet they were enough to send shivers down one’s spine.
  • The manager, recognizing the authority of the Lockhart family who owned the hotel, dared not hesitate and quickly led them to the room.
  • With a quiet click, the door swung open swiftly.
  • At that moment, Janessa was indulging in her thoughts of triumph, picturing scandalous scenes unfolding within the room.
  • Madelyn and Christopher must be sleeping together right now. Their reputations are about to hit rock bottom!
  • However, the sight that greeted them was Christopher alone, clad in a bathrobe and casually sipping red wine. The sudden intrusion startled him considerably. “Who’s there!”
  • As for Madelyn, there was no trace of her anywhere!
  • Upon seeing Christopher alone, Janessa was visibly shaken, her mind racing. According to my meticulously crafted plan, they should have been caught in a compromising situation by now. How could this be happening…
  • “Where is she?” Failing to spot Madelyn, Sebastian’s focus shifted toward Janessa, his icy gaze piercing through her, sending tremors of fear through her body.
  • Janessa gritted her teeth, flustered. No way! Where on earth is Madelyn? She should be here! I…
  • “She must be in the bathroom!” she declared.
  • After Janessa finished speaking, she quickly turned and made her way to the bathroom. The room was filled with nothing but the lingering steam from the hot water, eerily empty and quiet.
  • Confusion clouded her mind. How could someone just disappear into thin air? Where did Madelyn go?
  • This mystery rattled Janessa, causing her to lose her usual composure. She turned her questioning eyes toward Christopher, her voice sharp with urgency,
  • “Christopher, where’s Madelyn? Weren’t you supposed to bring her in here?” she demanded.
  • Christopher, however, stated, “I never brought her in here.”
  • His plan had been to orchestrate a scene, but in his eager rush to set everything up, he realized he hadn’t even seen Madelyn at all, not even a glimpse of her.
  • Sebastian, overhearing this exchange, shot Janessa a penetrating look that sent shivers down her spine, his deep eyes stirring a wave of unease in her.
  • Without a word, he turned and walked away, his silent departure leaving Janessa feeling desperate. She hurried after him, trying to salvage the situation. “Sebastian, don’t be mad. I swear I saw it with my own eyes. Please believe me…”
  • But Sebastian seemed utterly indifferent to her pleas.
  • At that very moment, Madelyn appeared in the corridor, her presence surprising everyone. Upon spotting Sebastian, her face lit up with joy, and she ran toward him, throwing her arms around him enthusiastically.
  • “Darling, what brings you here? Did you come all this way just to pick me up?” she exclaimed, her voice brimming with child-like innocence and her small, delicate features making her appear endearingly adorable.
  • Sebastian, however, was visibly taken aback and extremely surprised.
  • Is she really Madelyn? And what did she just call me? Darling? Did I hear that wrong?
  • It was hard to reconcile this affectionate gesture with the Madelyn he knew, who had always shown nothing but disdain for any form of closeness with him, always maintaining a formal distance and addressing him by his full name.
  • Janessa too was caught off guard by this sudden display of affection.
  • “Weren’t you drunk?” Sebastian questioned as he gently but firmly detached Madelyn, who clung to him like a koala.
  • With a puzzled look, Madelyn responded, “I’m not drunk; who said I was? Sure, I’ve had a bit to drink, but I’m far from intoxicated. If you don’t believe me, test me. Ask me what one plus one equals, I’m sure I won’t get it wrong, hehe.”
  • Her playful, adorable smile was radiant, her innocence clear and angelic.
  • Sebastian, now assured she wasn’t drunk, let out a sigh of relief.
  • Just then, Janessa approached cautiously, her voice laced with feigned concern, “Madelyn, where were you? I was so worried about you, I thought you…”
  • Madelyn, sensing the insincerity, responded coolly, “I told you I was going to the restroom, didn’t I? What’s the problem?”
  • Janessa’s face flushed, then paled, her emotions betraying her unsettled state.
  • Despite Madelyn’s calm demeanor, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was off.
  • It seemed like the dynamics between her and Sebastian had shifted dramatically. Previously, Madelyn had wished for nothing more than for Sebastian to vanish, largely out of her affection for Christopher.
  • Yet now, here she was, warmly embracing Sebastian and affectionately calling him “Darling.”
  • This isn’t normal!
  • If looks could kill, Janessa’s glare at Madelyn would have been lethal, filled with a mix of envy and rage.
  • She had harbored feelings for Sebastian herself but had never dared to express them openly.
  • How could Madelyn, so freely and warmly, be allowed such intimacy with him? This was supposed to be mu place beside Sebastian. Who does Madelyn think she is!
  • Though Madelyn presented a serene facade, she was acutely aware of every subtle shift in Janessa’s expression, noting the dark tumult behind her eyes.
  • That look, that wicked, resentful stare, reminded her of the old witch from the fairy tales, the one who gave Snow White the poisoned apple.
  • How could I have been so blind not to see this side of Janessa before?
Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian

Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian

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In the previous life, she was framed and ended up deserted by the crowd, dying miserably in prison. After rebirth, she seemed to have gained superpower, tearing apart the mistress, fighting against the scum man, bravely fighting the wicked stepmother, all to protect everything she wanted to protect. Previously, she was too unruly, wronging that kind man. Now she was filled with deep regret. After rebirth, she tried every means to get close to him, seeking hugs, acting cute, seducing... using all kinds of skills, just to unlock his heart. Sebastian, however, always remained cautious of her: "Madelyn, what are you up to?" Madelyn smiled, "I'm not up to anything, I'm just very serious... about chasing you!"
Reborn to Win His Heart Again Novel Madeline and Sebastian


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