Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian CHAPTER 6

Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian CHAPTER 6

Chapter 6 His Type

  • Naturally, Madelyn was well aware of the scheme Janessa was plotting.
  • Pushing Janessa’s arm away, she chuckled. “That’s okay. I’ll sit with the class representative.”
  • Janessa arched an eyebrow and wanted to stop Madelyn, but the latter had already turned and walked away.
  • Madelyn took a seat across from the class representative, who appeared to be an honest, mild-mannered man. He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and looked gentlemanly.
  • In Madelyn’s memory, he had good grades, and she performed well academically, too. The two hit it off and began chatting away.
  • Sitting in the corner of the private room, Christopher felt rather displeased when Madelyn didn’t even spare him a glance, though he couldn’t tell why.
  • Previously, he didn’t care for Madelyn. Even though she was stunningly beautiful, her taste was too unique and too avant-garde. Her peculiar attire had always been an eyesore to him. He preferred sensual, alluring women.
  • That night, however, he realized that Madelyn could also be the kind of woman he liked. She could abandon her peculiar ensemble and transform into an alluring seductress anytime she liked.
  • She’s so my type!
  • Seemingly sensing his displeasure, Janessa walked over and comforted him, “Don’t worry. Maybe Madelyn’s just playing hard to get! Think about it. She used to be so infatuated with you. Of course she’d want to be close to you.”
  • After a moment of contemplation, Christopher thought her words made sense and was relieved.
  • In the meantime, however, Janessa had some suspicions about Madelyn’s sudden change. She secretly observed Madelyn’s every move.
  • Madelyn naturally felt a piercing gaze boring into her. She didn’t even need to turn to know who was staring at her.
  • Janessa was the cause of Madelyn’s downfall, and Madelyn simply couldn’t bring herself to be friendly with her. However, it wasn’t the right time to fall out with Janessa just yet, so all Madelyn could do was play along with her.
  • With that thought in mind, Madelyn, holding a champagne glass, approached Janessa. “Janessa, I’m so bored. Do you have any fun ideas?”
  • When Janessa saw Madelyn come back, she instantly let down her guard and said cheerfully, “Of course! We must enjoy some drinks at such a grand event! Madelyn, as your friend, let me toast you!”
  • Madelyn chuckled and didn’t refuse.
  • “Madelyn, seeing Sebastian’s icy face every day must be hard on you. So, let’s drown all your troubles in wine tonight and let loose,” said Janessa.
  • “All right then,” Madelyn agreed, quickly downing a glass of wine. Without missing a beat, Janessa immediately refilled Madelyn’s glass.
  • Madelyn was well aware of her low alcohol tolerance. She had taken a sobering pill before stepping into the place, which was why she allowed herself to drink.
  • After three rounds of drinks, a flush appeared on Madelyn’s face. She rubbed her temples, slurring, “I… I can’t drink anymore… I feel so dizzy. I need to go to the restroom.”
  • Janessa chuckled, feigning concern as she said, “Oh, I’ll go with you.”
  • “T-That’s okay. I can manage,” Madelyn declined, her steps unsteady as she staggered away.
  • Janessa’s gaze darkened as she downed the wine in her glass.
  • She approached Christopher, handing him a keycard. “Mr. Gale, I hate to impose, but Madelyn has had a bit too much to drink and just left. Could you possibly help get her to the hotel room upstairs? Here’s the keycard.”
  • Christopher immediately accepted the keycard. Naturally, he wouldn’t refuse. Madelyn’s attire that night had utterly captivated him.
  • He immediately gave chase, but there was no sign of Madelyn. Rubbing his chin, he ventured down another corridor.
  • At that moment, Janessa quickly typed a message on her phone and sent it to Sebastian: Mr. Lockhart, Madelyn and I attended a class reunion together. However, Madelyn had a bit too much to drink and Christopher just escorted her back to her room. I’m not sure what might happen next…
  • Meanwhile, Sebastian had just stepped out of the conference room in Lockhart Group. He had spent the entire afternoon in meetings, practically run off his feet, with absolutely no time to check his phone.
  • Suddenly, he felt a wave of irritation in his heart. As he unlocked his phone, he saw the photo Madelyn had sent him. She was wearing a light purple dress, her smile radiant.
  • He seldom saw her like this, and he was stunned.
  • At that moment, his phone chimed with a new notification. It was a text message from Janessa. Barely a few seconds later, his expression turned incredibly grim.
Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian

Reborn to Win His Heart Again Madeline and Sebastian

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In the previous life, she was framed and ended up deserted by the crowd, dying miserably in prison. After rebirth, she seemed to have gained superpower, tearing apart the mistress, fighting against the scum man, bravely fighting the wicked stepmother, all to protect everything she wanted to protect. Previously, she was too unruly, wronging that kind man. Now she was filled with deep regret. After rebirth, she tried every means to get close to him, seeking hugs, acting cute, seducing... using all kinds of skills, just to unlock his heart. Sebastian, however, always remained cautious of her: "Madelyn, what are you up to?" Madelyn smiled, "I'm not up to anything, I'm just very serious... about chasing you!"
Reborn to Win His Heart Again Novel Madeline and Sebastian


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