Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Chapter 382

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Chapter 382

Chapter 382 

Bryant, always so sophisticated, went to such lengths for me. What did I do to deserve this? Yet, our journey to this point wasn’t something that changed overnight. And it certainly has nothing to do with what he’s wearing. Even if he looked exactly like Gregory, he’d still be Bryant, unchanged

I just realized, dressing casually is quite comfortable too.” 

Outside, even in casual wear, Bryant’s nobility wasn’t diminished. He said this while lifting his gaze towards the luggage in the living room, his previously gentle expression darkening

You’re heading to Vista Town?” 


To see Gregory?” 


My response was crisp, without a hint of hesitation. Whatever he inferred from my visit to Gregory, I had no intention of clarifying. If it helped him let go of his obsessions, it would be a fortunate misunderstanding

Unexpectedly, a shadow of anger crossed Bryant’s eyes, but he managed to keep his patience. “Vista Town is a mess right now. Going there won’t help. Give me some time; I’ll handle the situation with Dorothy and her daughter.” 

And then?I asked

Come back and be your true self, Mrs. Ferguson,” he said

I was somewhat at a loss for words. Bryant, why are you acting like a middle schooler, failing to grasp the concept of divorce?” 

Divorce, to me, meant that from now on, we were nothing to each other. No more intrusions

He looked at me unwaveringly, I know you’re upset about how I dealt with Dorothy’s situation.” 


You want to vent, to have some peace, I get it. But there’s one thing you thinking of leaving me, that’s not happening.” 



Chapter 382 

I promise, I’ll consult with you on everything from now on.” 

I felt like laughing but couldn’t. In his view, it seemed he still believed I was just angry and throwing a fit. A little coaxing, a little embrace, and I would return to his side, becoming the quiet and understanding Mrs. Ferguson, just 

like countless times before

Seeing my silence, he pressed his lips together, his voice deep and warm, Jane, you’ve loved me for so many years. Those feelings can’t just disappear

It’s not too late to start over.” 

Yes.I took a deep breath. I’ve loved you for many years, since I was eighteen.” 

Loved you enough to marry you unilaterally, to take care of your family, to remain a shadowy Mrs. Ferguson.” 

Loved you enough to carry your child, willing to have a child that belonged to us.” 

But, Bryant,I said, my gaze steady on him, each word deliberate, That was the Jane of the past. The Jane now wants to sever all ties cleanly.” 

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he struggled to contain his emotions, his lips barely moving, And if I don’t want that?” 

It’s not up to you!” 

With those words, I firmly closed the door. Not bothering to check if he was still outside, I hurriedly packed my luggage. By the time I left, the corridor was empty. I let out a sigh of relief, took the elevator down, and bumped into Mark

I smiled lightly, Hey, Mark, were you looking for me?” 


Mark returned the smile, glancing at the luggage I was pushing, slightly puzzled, Are you going on a trip?” 

Off to Vista Town, still have some unfinished business there.” 

Mark nodded slightly, gesturing towards the parking garage, I saw Bryant’s car when I came in. Did he come to see you?” 



Chapter 382 


He?Mark’s eyes flickered, seemingly hesitant to continue, He didn’t do anything out of line, did he?” 

No, not at all.” 

Not wanting to part ways was typical of Bryant; what’s so odd about that

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel

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Lost Me, Gained Regret Three years into our marriage, I felt pretty settled and content. My husband, Bryant, was an attractive, affluent man who was kind, considerate, and always steady. We had never had a screaming match or even a heated argument. Yet one day, I saw my always composed husband corner another woman against a wall, his voice filled with rage as he questioned, "You chose to marry someone else. What gives you the right to demand anything from me now?" This moment showed a side I had never seen; when Bryant loved passionately, it was indeed fiery and intense. In light of the circumstances, I made the decision to bow out gracefully - I divorced Bryant and disappeared, wiping my existence from his life.

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel


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