Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Chapter 318

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Chapter 318

Chapter 318

In the cozy living room of the Myers familysnowflakes danced outside the floor–to–ceiling windows, quietly laying a thin blanket of white on the ground. Despite the warmth from the heating inside, a chill ran down my spine under Susan’s icy gaze.

They had dug into my past, even uncovering the life I had led before moving to RiverCity. They went as far as locking me in a storage room and cutting off the power, all to deal with me, the ex–wifewith such elaborate schemes.

Sipping her coffee disdainfully, Susan looked at me, suggesting, “Perhaps it’s time you reconsider leaving RiverCity?

I stood tall. “And your reason this time?”

Last timeit was a mix of threats and temptations. What would it be this time?

“The first dress your startup released was a total disaster, Susan sneered, “Do you think your company can survive this? Why not go abroad and take a few years to further your studies? I’ll cover the expenses.”

Clenching my fist, I recalled Bryant’s words in the Myers Mansion, echoing the similar sentiment of sending me abroad. Everyone seemed to want me gone.

Susan continued, “But before you go, you must issue a public apology on social media, admitting you intentionally caused Dorothy to have a wardrobe malfunction in public!

“And if I refuse?” I forced a bitter smile, locking eyes with Susan, my voice steady yet defiantMoreover, is it automatically my fault if the dress had issues?”

Her face twisted in rage, her cup clattering loudly on the marble coffee table. “What are you implying? That Dorothy would expose herself to frame you?”

“It’s possible,” I replied. Indeed, it seemed the only plausible explanation.

Susan approached me, her high heels clicking on the floor. Suddenly, she grabbed my chin, her manicured nails digging into my skin. “Evidence? Jane, what evidence do you have?”

Trapped by two bodyguards, I was immobilized.

“That’s right!” Having changed her clothes, Dorothy stormed down the stairs, seething. “It was you, making me the laughing stock and tarnishing the Myers family’s reputation.”

I endured the pain. “I have evidence.”

Unfolding my hand, I revealed a piece of scrap fabric from Dorothy’s dress.

Susan glanced at it dismissively. “And what’s this supposed to be?”

“Ms. Myers, you should recognize it.” I raised the fabric toward Dorothy. “After all, you cut it yourself. The cut is too clean.”

Being part of a high society like the Myers family usually meant others could only aspire to reach their level. Despite Dorothy’s notorious temperament, no one dared to embarrass the Myers family in such a manner.

Most importantly, not many would have handled this dress, making it easier to trace back. It was unlikely for anyone to risk implicating the entire family in such a foolish act. After much thought, it could only have been Dorothy herself.

Dorothy demanded furiously, “How did that end up with you?”

I answered, “It got torn off during our scuffle.”

The chaos that ensued was intense. But I was sure it wasn’t a quality issue. The strap broke first, and I wanted to know why. So, when I slapped Dorothy back, I took the chance to pull the strap off.

She was too caught up in her fury, thinking she had destroyed my career, to notice.

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Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel

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Lost Me, Gained Regret Three years into our marriage, I felt pretty settled and content. My husband, Bryant, was an attractive, affluent man who was kind, considerate, and always steady. We had never had a screaming match or even a heated argument. Yet one day, I saw my always composed husband corner another woman against a wall, his voice filled with rage as he questioned, "You chose to marry someone else. What gives you the right to demand anything from me now?" This moment showed a side I had never seen; when Bryant loved passionately, it was indeed fiery and intense. In light of the circumstances, I made the decision to bow out gracefully - I divorced Bryant and disappeared, wiping my existence from his life.

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel


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