Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Chapter 317

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Chapter 317

Chapter 317

It just didn’t make sense.

Every stitch I made was even and tight, and I had the entire dress tailored to her body so perfectly that even if the strap brokeit would catch on her chest instead of falling off immediately. Unless the zipper at the back also gave way at the same time.

But that couldn’t be. The fabric and zipper were from suppliers I’d worked with since my days at the Ferguson Group. Quality was never a question. After all, I made the dress with my own hands.

Grabbing my coatrushed onstage to cover her up, but she slapped me across the face as if possessed! “Did you do this on purpose to humiliate me today?” 

Without thinking, I slapped her back. “DorothyI’m not foolish enough to ruin my own reputation!”

Dorothy glared at me, lunging again, but Bryant, calm as ever, stepped in from nowhere, pulling her behind him and draping his jacket over her shoulders. What a perfect picture of a knight in shining armor.

Susan approached with two bodyguards, visibly shaking with anger. Lock her up!

Seeing Bryant’s furrowed brow, Susan scoffed, “Mr. Ferguson, you’re not defending her today, are you?”

“Of course not.” Bryant didn’t glance my way, his voice as cold as midwinter frost, “She’s just an ex–wife.”

“Good!” At Susan’s command, the bodyguards moved in.

I knew I was on the Myers family’s territory, flanked by bodyguards who were just the tip of the iceberg. Lowering my gaze, too tired to resist, I said, “No need for force. I’ll go quietly.”

Seeing my compliancethe bodyguards led me away. One guided me in the frontand the other watched from behind. Christine tried to reach me, but other bodyguards blocked her.

They took me down to the underground parking lot and drove me to a mansion in an exclusive neighborhood, pushing me into a

you out.” storage room. “Just stay here until Mrs. Myers decides to let

“Can’t… Can’t we pick another place?” I pleaded as the door was about to close. Small, dark, enclosed spaces have terrified me since that incident at home.

The bodyguard said, “That’s Mrs. Myers‘ order. We can’t change it.”

The door clicked shut, plunging me into darkness. My first instinct was to find my phone, but I left it in my purse at the hotel. I groped for the light switch in vain.

The repeated clicking of the switch was fruitless effortThe guard mocked from outside, “Don’t bother. The power’s cut in the storage.” Hopelessness washed over me. Memories flooded back as I sank against the wall, trembling from head to toe.

Not again, please

As a child, I cried and begged to no avail. When grown, I became mute. Because with age, I understood the value of power. Like at today’s engagement party, whether I attended, they always had a reason to confine me. Despite my efforts to steer clear of them and live my own life.

But powerless as I was, my thoughts never mattered. After what seemed like foreverthe lock clicked and light flooded into the room.

Regal in her evening gownSusan looked down at me with smirk. “Jane, you are proud, aren’t you? You even dared to slap my daughter on stage. Today, I’ll break your pride piece by piece.”

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel

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Lost Me, Gained Regret Three years into our marriage, I felt pretty settled and content. My husband, Bryant, was an attractive, affluent man who was kind, considerate, and always steady. We had never had a screaming match or even a heated argument. Yet one day, I saw my always composed husband corner another woman against a wall, his voice filled with rage as he questioned, "You chose to marry someone else. What gives you the right to demand anything from me now?" This moment showed a side I had never seen; when Bryant loved passionately, it was indeed fiery and intense. In light of the circumstances, I made the decision to bow out gracefully - I divorced Bryant and disappeared, wiping my existence from his life.

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel


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