Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Chapter 313

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Chapter 313

Chapter 313 

Mom.. Why should I? I’m the customer here!”

Just do as told!” Susan bit her tongue and returned the phone to Gregory, shooting me a forced smile. “Ms. Webster, since you designed the dress, we’d love for you to come to the engagement party next week. Just in case there are any last–minute fixes needed with the dress.” 

The door is right there.” I made a shooing gesture. You can transfer the final payment to the same account. Thank you.”

After the drama wrapped up, it was nearing seven o’clock. I spontaneously suggested grabbing some dinner together.

We had just reached the parking garage when Christine got a call about a bar crawl and decided to ditch me, leaving just meGregory, and Molly.

Gregory nodded at me. “Hop in my car. I’ll give you and Molly a ride to work tomorrow.” 

“Sure.” As I moved to open the backseat door, Molly nudged me toward the passenger seat. “Sit in the frontJane. The back’s a bit cramped.” 

Sports cars, they’re all show no room.

I was browsing through a food delivery app, thinking about where to order the food from, when Gregory yawned. “I’m beaten. Let’s head back and order something to my place.”

That wasn’t a bad idea. I was feeling pretty worn out myself. When we got home, the delivery was already at the door.

Gregory grabbed the food and headed toward his place with a mischievous smirk. “Let’s eat at mine. I’d hate for your place to become a scene of scandal.”

I was stunned. “Scandal? What scandal?” 

Gregory lazily walked inhanding me a pair of new slippers. “Between Bryant and Mark, I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

I pretended not to hear, but he coldly added, “Neither is good for you. Not Bryant, and Mark’s no better.”

“And you would know?” couldn’t help but retorttaking the delivery bags from him and setting everything up on the table.

“Try them and see.” Gregory snorted with a cocky glance as if mocking my naivety.

Before I could respond, he headed to the kitchen and plugged in an electric grill. Soon, the delicious aroma filled the air.

Gregory usually was a chatterbox, but at dinner, he was silent, focusing only on his meal. Meanwhile, Molly and I kept the conversation going non–stop.

After we finished eating, I started to clean up, but Gregory stopped me with a casual, Go relax. No women do housework in this house. If Grandma saw it, she’d chew my ear off.”

At first, it didn’t seem odd, but then it struck me with a slightly flirty undertone.

However, the person who said it showed no awareness and calmly continued tidying up.

Molly grabbed my hand. “Come on, let’s give you the grand tour!”

ཝ ཅༀ ཕོར ཛ ཚ རྫ ཕ ༴ སོ༴ འཆ ཕ ཝཱ ཕ

I smiled. “Sure.”

Her enthusiasm was irresistible, leaving me no room to decline.

After a quick tour of the living room and her room, she led me into Gregory’s study. “You wouldn’t believe the cool stuff my brother has. He’s got art and artifacts that you can’t find just anywhere…”

A ceramic piggy bank shaped like a rabbit drew my eyes. It was ugly yet oddly familiar. Instead of repulsion, I felt a strange affection and impulsively picked it up. It was heavy, and when I shook it, I could hear the coins inside.

I chuckled. “I wouldn’t have pegged your brother for…”

“Who said you could touch that?” A fierce rebuke came from behindstartling me into dropping the piggy bank.

Crash! The piggy bank shattered, coins scattering everywhere.

Gregory rushed over, and as I looked up, I saw a storm brewing on his face, anger mounting!

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel

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Lost Me, Gained Regret Three years into our marriage, I felt pretty settled and content. My husband, Bryant, was an attractive, affluent man who was kind, considerate, and always steady. We had never had a screaming match or even a heated argument. Yet one day, I saw my always composed husband corner another woman against a wall, his voice filled with rage as he questioned, "You chose to marry someone else. What gives you the right to demand anything from me now?" This moment showed a side I had never seen; when Bryant loved passionately, it was indeed fiery and intense. In light of the circumstances, I made the decision to bow out gracefully - I divorced Bryant and disappeared, wiping my existence from his life.

Lost Me Gained Regret (Bryant and Jane) Novel


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