His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani Chapter 121

His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani Chapter 121

Chapter 121 


Softer hands than Alex’s strangle me in a hug before I open my eyes. My stranger danger must be lacking, because I just snuggle more into my pillow, trying to bury my head further

I did not want to wake up

It’s not like I had much to do any way, except stay locked in a room and binge read a book

Mia! Get up!A familiar voice giggles in my ear, and a kiss is placed on my cheek


My eyes fling open and I straighten up on the bed the very next moment, tossing the little girl off me

Oh, God! Jenny!Fear consumes me, What’re you doing here?” 

The panic that sets in my veins is immediate

You didn’t miss me?She pouts, tears filling in her eyes. It’s been two months. I was alone.” 

Guilt flashes in my eyes. Of course I miss you,I collect the seven year old in my arms, squeezing her as tight as I could without hurting her. Jenny, you can’t be here. If Alex finds out..” 

AlexShe blinks, Oh, you mean the scary man?” 

Twas dumbfounded. YouYou- What?” 

He was the one who came to get me from the hospital. He said we would surprise you.” 

My heart drops so fast. Alex knew about Jenny. Did he find out after I told him about Alina? Running background check on my story is something I wouldn’t put against him. Or did he knew about Jenny all along

Jenny,I gulp. The hospital let you go?” 

The scary man told my doctor if he doesn’t let me go, scary man will put the doctor in my hospital bed.” She giggles, finding it funny

Anxiety consumes me

Alex knew about Jenny

Alex knew about Jenny

Alex knew

Where is- Where is he?I ask, and she points to the open door of my room

Come, sweetheart.I give her my hand and she holds it begrudgingly, still mad at the fact I hadn’t visited her since two months. I promise to make it up to her with loads of cupcakes, and the sugar monster agrees as we make our way out and to the man in question





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Chapter 121 

Jenny leaves my hand almost immediately when we reach downstairs, running to Alex and hugging his leg. She was shorter and smaller than 

most kids of her age due to her medical problems, reaching just up to his waist

Off, kid.Alex wriggles like a demon had latched onto him

I hide a smile, it not reaching anywhere near my eyes

Jen,I call her off and she leaves him with a grin

Scary man bought me so many toys. Can I show them to you?” 

Of course,I smile at her, and she runs off

Alex’s eyes meet mine, and I freeze

So,His smile is smug. Surprised?” 

I didn’t know what to make off this. Was it a good gesture? I- How did you know?I mumble

What? That you’re a liar?He mocked, Call it instinct.” 

About Jenny.” 

Mia, the Mafia runs by my orders and strategies. Seeing through people is sort of my job. Did you really think I wouldn’t be able to figure out your secret? A poorly kept one at that.” There was a maniacal darkness in his eyes, one that resembled the man I had first met more than the one who was in my room last night. The only shame is I couldn’t do it sooner. I would have, in the first week itself, if I wasn’t so fucking consumed by you.” 

I gulp while he walks closer to me. So?He asks again, the psychotic grin making its way to his mouth. Surprised?” 

Fear twitches at my insides, tearing it into a hundred pieces. Are you,” My voice is a broken whisper, Are you going to hurt Jenny?” 


My heart drops. Depends on what?” 

Will you marry?” 

I gasp, oxygen suddenly feeling short. He did not just say that. He did not just say that. He did not. Alex,Tears fill my eyes. Will you hurt Jenny if I don’t marry you?” 

If I have to.He tilts his head. I asked you to not test my limits, Mia. And guess what? You did exactly that.” 

The tears fall. You’re a monster!” 

“Your monster.” 

Alex,I plead. Please don’t do this.” 

I am not even doing anything, baby.His eyes were dark. This is who he always was, and always will be. A cold, nefarious monster. A man who lies and threatens and crosses any limit to get what he wants

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Chapter 121 

And the thing that he wants happens to be me

But you will? If I don’t marry you, you will hurt Jen?I asked, hating the hope I still had

A lot.He nonchalantly replied. Starting with Bakshi’s hospital refusing medical care.” 

You can’t do that.” 



But I can.There was a twitch in his eyes, as if he was enjoying this. Other hospitals will be soon to follow. I don’t have to remind you what will happen to Jenny’s small, compact, helpless lungs if she doesn’t return to the ventilator for her evening oxygen dose, do I?” 

My vision blurs from the tears clouding them

His nature, his world, he had turned me on once. That was when I watched him threaten the world to keep me safe. Being at the receiving 

end of it? It was making me hateful

I sniff. You won’t send her back to the hospital if I don’t say yes.More of an accusation than a fact

You will watch her lungs give out right here, in front of you, she’ll die in your-” 

His words pause when I slap him with as much strength I could assemble and his face tilts the other side

When he looks back at me, I assume there to be anger. Retaliation

There was nothing of that sort

He puts his hand around my waist, pulling me to himself. I gasp when I feel his erection rub against my lower abdomen

Save the freakiness for the bedroom, Mrs.He smirks

His black eyes were monstrous and soulless when they locked with mine, and I questioned how I could have fallen in love with them

His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani – sofia and gabriel

His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani – sofia and gabriel

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: June 4, 2024 Native Language: English

His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story) by Heer Mangtani - sofia and gabriel

Sofia's PoV I wiped tears from the corner of my eyes, hoping nobody saw me weep, and that the mascara didn't run because of my unending tears. I was miserable, still in disbelief believe that the first time I was going to see my husband-to-be was when I'd walk down the aisle, and he would be waiting for me at the end of it. At least, I hoped he would be there, and that he wouldn't elope. Not because I wanted to particularly marry him, but because being stood up at the altar in front of the whole world would be very humiliating. "Ms. Baker?" As I fixed the princess-y Versace wedding gown one last time, one of the three women who had followed me since the moment I had stepped into this mansion today called me, and I looked up at her.

His Wife (A Contract Marriage Story)


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