Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss Chapter 13

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss Chapter 13

Chapter 13 

Angela looked at her indifferently. It seems you have no right to ask me that question.” 

After saying this, she turned and went upstairs. Jennifer’s cold voice echoed behind her. Wait!” 

Angela sneered, turning back with a mocking look at Jennifer, You’re the first mistress I’ve seen so arrogant.” 

Jennifer’s expression changed. She glared at Angela. Kenneth loves me. He will never fall for you even if you use tricks to stay here. If you know what’s good for you, you should divorce him quickly.” 

Jennie thought, You’d better stay far away and never appear in front of us again.” 

Angela raised an eyebrow, nodding. Okay, give me 10 million dollars, and I’ll divorce him right away 

Jennifer’s eyes widened, and she gritted her teeth. Isn’t the money Kenneth has given you over the years enough? Angela, don’t be too greedy.” 

You want me to divorce Kenneth. How can you

How dare you… 

prove your love for him without paying something

Angela mocked, Seems your love for Kenneth isn’t worth much. You are not even willing to give me 10 million dollars.” 

Just as Jennifer was about to speak, she saw someone appear on the stairs, her expression immediately turning pitiful

She said, Angela, I do want to give you the 10 million dollars. But if I do, Kenneth will surely be angry.” 

Don’t tell him then. Just keep it between us.” 

Jennifer fell silent

w you are going to get the 10 million dollars. It turns out you 

During their silence, a cold voice came from the staircase. Angela, I wandered how want Jennie to give you the money.” 

Angela calmly met Kenneth’s cold eyes and said, I think Jennylfer would be happy to pay the 10 million dollars, so I gave her the chai 

Watching the two ignore her, Jennifer unconsciously clenched her skirt with a gloomy expression

She asked, Kenneth, what’s this talk about 10 million dollars? If Angela really needs money, I can lend her some.” 

Angela glanced at Jennifer, about to speak, but Kenneth coldly interrupted, This has nothing to do with you. If she asks you for money again, just refuse.” 

Angela couldn’t get money from Jennie anymore. She pressed her lips, not wanting to talk with them, and went upstairs to nap

As she passed Kenneth, he suddenly grabbed her wrist

He leaned close to Angela’s ear and warned in a low voice, Angela, if I see you asking Jennie for money again, even if you really get 10 million dollars, I won’t divorce you!” 

16:56 Fri, 21 Jun

Chapter 13 

Downstairs, Jennifer saw their intimate act with anger, and her eyes reddened

Angela shook off his hand and stepped back with a cold expression. Fine, just talk next time, don’t come so close to me. I hate fools,” 

Kenneth narrowed his eyes, a threatening look in them. Angela, don’t provoke me.” 

Angela didn’t even glance at him, turned around, entered her bedroom, and locked the door

Kenneth stared at the bedroom door with anger


KennethJennifer’s voice brought Kenneth back to reality. He turned and walked downstairs quickly, frowning at Jennifer, Why are your 

here so early?” 

Sensing the displeasure in Kenneth’s voice, Jennifer bit her lip. I was worried about you, so I came to checkI wouldn’t have come if I had known Angela was back.” 

Kenneth frowned, Jennie, Angela is my wife.” 

Jennifer’s eyes suddenly filled with tears. But we like each other, while you and Angela have no feelings for each other. Why are you insisting on a loveless marriage?” 

Kenneth remained silent momentarily, then looked at Jennifer and slowly said, Our chapter is already in the past. Even if I don’t like her, she is still my wife, and that won’t change.” 

Tears suddenly fell from Jennifer’s eyes; she couldn’t believe what she had heard

She asked, Just because she married you when you had a car accident and took care of you for two years, you fell in love with her?” 

I don’t love her, but I won’t divorce her.” 


e two years after my accident, when I couldn’t stand, she was the one who stayed by my side and took care of me.” 

During the 

And every time he thought about divorcing Angela, Kenneth felt an indescribable irritation in his heart

Jennifer, tears streaming down her face, choked up and said, You can’t do this to me! You kept your car accident a secret from time I found out, you and Angela were already married. Do you know how I felt then? I wanted to return to the country to confron seemed pointless. If you wanted to thank Angela, there were many other ways. Why did you have to marry her?” 

But it 

With an indifferent expression, Kenneth looked at Jennifer and said, I really am sorry for what I’ve done to you. That’s why I agreed when you returned and wanted to stay in that villa. You wanted the Empyria Group, and I’m working on acquiring it. But I can’t give you my love.” 

After saying this, Kenneth left without caring about Jennifer’s reaction

Jennifer watched him leaving as tears blurred her vision. She was not reconciled

She thought, I wouldn’t just give up!” 

When Angela came downstairs again, both Kenneth and Jennifer were gone. She didn’t care either and went straight to the office

Upon arriving at her office, she called Brenda over. I’m going to be away for a few days starting tomorrow. Handle the company’s affairs in 


16:56 Fri, 21 Jun 

Chapter 13 

my absence. If you can’t decide something, leave it.” 

Okay, got it.” 

Noticing Brenda hadn’t left yet, Angela looked up. Is there something else you need to say?” 


Yes, I think Frank might give you a hard time at the meeting later. After those employees in his department were fired yesterday, he threw quite a tantrum in the office.” 

Angela nodded. Alright, you can go back to work.” 

After Brenda left, Angela continued reading documents, clearly not bothered by the matter

At ten in the morning, the meeting started on time

After emphasizing the recent work plans and priorities, Angela calmly glanced at the attendees. If there’s nothing else, that’s all for today. Meeting adjourned.” 

As soon as she finished speaking, Frank spoke up. Ms. Lewis, I have something to say.” 

Angela looked at him calmly. What is it?” 

Frank smiled, Ms. Lewis, we’ve been struggling to close a deal recently. If you could step in, I’m sure we can seal the deal. Besides, you’ve been away from Empyria Group for three years. We’d like to see your capabilities. After all, we can’t hand over such a big company to someone incapable.” 

Angela, with a faint smile, nodded. Okay, then bring the contract to my office later.” 

Angela’s swift agreement took Frank aback. After a momentary hesitation, he replied, Okay, hope you will clinch this deal, Ms. Lewis.” 

After the meeting, Brenda followed Angela into her office

She said, Ms. Lewis, I’ve already warned you to be cautious of Frank. Why did you still fall into his trap?” 


Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: June, 21, 2024 Native Language: English

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss (Kenneth and Angela)

Kenneth, a domineering CEO and business legend, was surrounded by power, wealth, and loneliness. A life-altering car accident left him partially paralyzed, revealing his complex inner world of unbreakable pride and a hidden longing for love. Angela was a strong-willed and mysterious woman. Despite her life marked by neglect and hardship, Angela's success in business was proof of her intelligence and ability. However, thrust into a marriage with Kenneth, she was unaware of how it would profoundly change her life.

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss

Initially, just a marriage of convenience, Angela and Kenneth's marriage showed a stark contrast in their personalities and destinies. Abandoned by her family, Angela cared for Kenneth very much. It led to his recovery, but just as things looked up, she discovered Kenneth's affair with her sister, driving her to seek a divorce. Kenneth, refusing to let go, used money and self-harm in a desperate attempt to keep her. These conflicts and misunderstandings revealed a deeper truth. Kenneth fell for Angela. His affair were sad mistakes. Now, he was ready to do anything for her affection. How would they finish their story?


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