Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss Chapter 12

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss Chapter 12

Chapter 12 

Kenneth sneered, That’s going too far? I didn’t even ask you to fulfill your marital duties with met 

Angela gritted her teeth in frustration. In your dreams!” 

Come back with me, or I’ll stay here with you. It’s up to you.” 

Taking a deep breath, Angela thought she could endure it for a week. She turned and walked straight towards the Maybach parked by the roadside

Kenneth shouted, Aren’t you going to pack some stuff?” 

Angela replied indifferently, I’ll be back in a week. No need to pack.” 

Kenneth’s face darkened. He got into the car with a cold face and didn’t speak to Angela; instead, he picked up some documents to read

Angela glanced at the papers in his hand, her expression changing suddenly, You’re planning to acquire the Empyria Group?” 

Kenneth frowned, his cold eyes fixed on her, You never showed interest in my company’s affairs before.” 

Angela scoffed, As if you’d tell me if I showed interest.” 

Recalling Angela mentioning she had to work the night before, Kenneth looked at her. You joined the Empyria Group?” 

Yes, so I advise you to give up your acquisition plans. You won’t succeed.” 

Kenneth responded coolly, Nothing’s impossible with enough money.” 

We’ll see about that.” 

No matter how much money he offered, she would never sell the Empyria Group

Kenneth sensed something off in Angela’s attitude but didn’t dwell on it, assuming it was because she had just joined Empyria Group and didn’t want to see it collapse

He asked, What do you do at the Empyria Group?” 

I’m currently a cleaner.” 

Kenneth was taken aback

Seeing his disbelief, Angela said indifferently, Believe it or not.” 

She thought to herself, Getting rid of the useless pests in the company is indeed cleaning work.” 

After a few seconds of silence, Kenneth suddenly said, Empyria Group’s HR needs new glasses since they have assigned this job to you.” 

Angela snorted, You always look down on people. Just because you’re not capable doesn’t mean others aren’t.” 

Kenneth raised an eyebrow. “It I’m not capable, why would you marry me?” 




Google Play 


You’re pregnant by your new boss and 

Chapter 12 

Cook something yourself.” 

Angela fell silent for a moment, then said indifferently, I don’t have time. If you want something, cook it yourself.” 

Kenneth didn’t respond and stood up, heading towards the refrigerator

Seeing this, Angela was surprised. She had only said it casually and hadn’t expected Kenneth to actually start cooking

She quickly regained her expressionless face, ordered the fried chicken she had been selecting, and went upstairs to take a shower 

She didn’t go to the master bedroom but to the secondary bedroom next door

The secondary bedroom also had its own bathroom and shower. After showering, Angela came downstairs. The fried chicken hadn’t been delivered yet. She checked the delivery app, which showed it had been delivered. She called the delivery guy

Learning that the food had been delivered twenty minutes ago, Angela frowned, looked around, and finally found her fried chicken in the 

trash can

Angela hung up the phone and stormed into the kitchen. Just as she reached the door, Kenneth came out with a bowl of soup 

They bumped into each other, and the soup spilled out

Seeing the hot soup about to splash on Angela, Kenneth quickly pushed her away, and the hot liquid splashed onto his arm, turning the skin red and blistering immediately

Angela was startled and then frowned, Till get the first aid kit to treat that.” 

After treating it, Angela was about to put away the kit when she saw Kenneth staring at her. She frowned, her tone cold when she said, Sorry about that, but if you hadn’t thrown away my takeout, this wouldn’t have happened.” 

Kenneth was silent for a few seconds before speaking. I just didn’t want you to eat junk food. I wanted you to have dinner with me.” 

Angela’s expression was indifferent. No need. I’ll reorder some takeout. Kenneth, we’ll be divorced in a week. It’s better to keep our distance this last week.” 

Kenneth frowned, looking into Angela’s eyes, Do you really want a divorce?” 

Angela looked at him calmly, her tone firm as she said 

Angela, I think we can” 

She interrupted Kenneth coldly and said firmly, There’s no need to say anything. I won’t change my mind about a decision I’ve made in a week, I’ll give you 10 million dollars. I hope you can stick to your word!” 

After saying that, without looking at Kenneth’s expression, Angela turned and left

Back upstairs, Angela didn’t reorder the takeout, not wanting to encounter Kenneth again when going downstairs

wears and logged in

She took out her phone, accessed a website she hadn’t used in three years 

As soon as she logged in, a golden circle appeared on the screen with a line of text underneath: [Welcome back to the Full Moon



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your ex’s dad 

16:56 Fri, 21 Jun GBG 

Chapter 12 

Angela browsed the missions with a cold expression. To earn 10 million dollars in a week, she had no choice but to take on missions from this 


Suddenly, a chat box popped up on the left

The person who messaged her was named Ryan, with a black profile picture

Ryan texted: [Are you really Julie?

Angela didn’t reply. Julie was her code name

Ryan texted: [Looks like it’s really you. You’ve been gone for three 

years. I thought you might have been killed in some mission. I just saw your 

profile light up and didn’t expect it to be really you

Ryan used to be a teammate of hers on many missions, but they always disguised themselves, so neither knew the other’s real identity

Julie replied: [Had some things to deal with these past three years.

Ryan texted: [You’re back online. Planning to take on missions again?

Julie replied: [Yeah.

Ryan texted: [Perfect timing, I’ve just taken a job that needs a partner. The pay is 10 million dollars. We split it 50-50 if we succeed. Interested?

Julie replied: [Send me the time and details of the mission.

Ryan quickly sent over an encrypted file

Angela skillfully cracked it, read through it, and replied: [OK] He didn’t say much more and soon went offline

After browsing for a while langer, Angela took another job with a six million dollar commission, and then logged off

of over 10 million dollars

Completing these two missions should bring her a total of over 

Angela breathed a sigh of relief. After planning her schedule, she went straight to bed

The next morning, Angela was woken up by the doorbell

She initially wanted to ignore it, but the persistent ringing killed her last bit of sleepiness 

Checking the time, she found it was 

6:05 am. She thought whoever was on the other side of the door better have something important 

She went downstairs, opened the door, and saw Jennifer. Angela couldn’t help but frown

Shocked and going pale, Jennifer blurted out, Angela, what are you doing here?” 


Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: June, 21, 2024 Native Language: English

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss (Kenneth and Angela)

Kenneth, a domineering CEO and business legend, was surrounded by power, wealth, and loneliness. A life-altering car accident left him partially paralyzed, revealing his complex inner world of unbreakable pride and a hidden longing for love. Angela was a strong-willed and mysterious woman. Despite her life marked by neglect and hardship, Angela's success in business was proof of her intelligence and ability. However, thrust into a marriage with Kenneth, she was unaware of how it would profoundly change her life.

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss

Initially, just a marriage of convenience, Angela and Kenneth's marriage showed a stark contrast in their personalities and destinies. Abandoned by her family, Angela cared for Kenneth very much. It led to his recovery, but just as things looked up, she discovered Kenneth's affair with her sister, driving her to seek a divorce. Kenneth, refusing to let go, used money and self-harm in a desperate attempt to keep her. These conflicts and misunderstandings revealed a deeper truth. Kenneth fell for Angela. His affair were sad mistakes. Now, he was ready to do anything for her affection. How would they finish their story?


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