Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss Chapter 11

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss Chapter 11

Chapter 11 

Frank felt a surge of annoyance. Over the past few years, aside from placing his relatives in the company, he had left other matters to the other shareholders. He had no clue about the company’s recent operations

Under Angela’s calm gaze, Frank’s face reddened with embarrassment, and he unconsciously looked down in guilt

Are you unable to answer, or just unwilling to, Mr. Black?” 

Whichever choice he made, Frank believed he would fall

Il into the trap Angela had set. He became annoyed

He said, Ms. Lewis, you know full well that I’m not good at managing the company. You’re asking me these questions to make things difficult for me, aren’t you?” 

Angela’s expression was cold. She said, Since you know you’re not good at managing the company, it seems you have no right to criticize my decisions, Mr. Black.” 

Frank felt helpless

Brenda came to Angela’s office with documents for her to sign. As she reached the door, she saw Frank storming out of the office, not even greeting her before leaving 

Entering the room, Brenda couldn’t help but ask Angela, who was calmly reading documents, What did you say to Frank? He looked upset when he left.” 

Without looking up, Angela replied while reading the documents, He’s upset about me firing his relatives. What is this?” 

Brenda handed the documents to Angela, saying, These are the contracts to be signed today. I’ll take them away after you check and sign them.” 

Angela took the documents and spoke with a composed expression, Notify the HR departmen find me two secretaries, one man and one 


Alright, I’ll get the department on it right away.” 

After checking and signing the documents, Angela looked up at Brenda and asked, One more thing, what’s the company’s current financial shortfall?” 

Brenda hesitated for a few seconds, her expression turning grim. At least 10 million dollars.” 

Angela frowned, Alright, I got it. You can leave now.” 

After Brenda left, Angela checked her available balance. It was just over 10 million dollars

She called the financial manager to transfer the 10 million dollars to the company’s account and said indifferently, This is a personal loan, i expect it to be repaid with the yearend dividends.” 

Understood, Ms. Lewis.” 

Aher the financial manager left, Angela continued reading documents

16:56 Fri, 21 Jun GBG

Chapter 11 


Having vented his frustration in his office, Frank still couldn’t swallow the insult. After much hesitation, he called Garret Taylor. Mr. Taylor, are you free for lunch?” 

At noon, as soon as Garret entered the private room, Frank stood up and greeted him warmly. Mr. Taylor, please, have a seat.” 

Garret sat down with a smiling face and then looked at Frank. Mr. Black, you must have something important to discuss since you invited me to lunch so far from the company.” 

Frank smiled ingratiatingly and nodded. You know me well, Mr. Taylor. You must have heard about Ms. Lewis taking action against me this 


Garret sipped his coffee calmly and replied, Mr. Black, that was just Ms. Lewis strategizing for the company’s future. It’s normal to lay off a few people.” 

Those laid off were Frank’s relatives who knew nothing and were just idling around, so Garret thought it was not a big deal

Frank said with a strained smile, You’re right, Mr. Taylor. But do you think Ms. Lewis will only target my people?” 

Garret tightened his grip on the coffee cup, remaining silent

Frank continued, Mr. Taylor, I’ve always thought that you are the most capable among all the shareholders. Even though Ms. Lewis has the majority share, she is still young and somewhat impulsive. I would prefer you to manage the Empyria Group, Mr. Taylor.” 

What are you trying to say?” 

Mr. Taylor, I heard that you have been trying to sign a deal with Mr. Wilson from the Nivalis Group recently, but you haven’t succeeded yet. Since Ms. Lewis is so capable, she will definitely be able to seal the deal. What do you think, Mr. Taylor?Frank said


t was silent for a while before speaking. I will think about it.” 

In the evening, as Angela returned to her villa in the Northpoint after work, Kenneth stopped her the way

Looking down at her with anger in his eyes, he said, Angela, don’t push me so hard. You are Sinclair families by staying at another man’s house every day!“, 

to humiliate the Lewis and the 

Angela scoffed, Do you have the right to say that? When you had a secret affair with Jennifer in our house, did you think about our familiesreputation?” 

Kenneth was filled with impatience. I told you, nothing happened between Jennie and mel” 

Whether it happened or not, it doesn’t matter to me. We’re getting divorced anyway.” 

I’ve torn up the divorce papers. I will take it as your temporarily angry words. Come back with me, and I can pretend nothing happened.” 

Angela frowned, Kenneth, why do you keep refusing a divorce? Have you fallen in love with me?” 

At her words, Kenneth’s expression turned cold, filled with mockery

He said, Do you think that’s possible?” 


16:56 Fri, 21 Jun 

Chapter 11 

e it’s not

then sign the divorce as soon as possible. While I’m still young, I’d rather get a divorce and meet someone else.” 

Seeing Angela’s eagerness, Kenneth looked furious, his brows furrowing unconsciously

He said, You want to date another man?” 

So what?Angela replied indifferently. Staying with you is no different from being a widow. I want to pursue my own happiness.” 

Kenneth fell silent

A surge of anger rose in his heart, uncontrollable

Even though he was clear that he didn’t love Angela, he was still easily agitated by her

His face darkened, and he said through gritted teeth, If you want a divorce, you have to compensate me for the years with you.” 

Angela was speechless

Seeing her confused and incredible look, Kenneth coldly said, 10 million dollars. If you can pay that, I’ll agree to the divorce.” 

Angela was silent for a few seconds, then looked at Kenneth seriously. Are you sure if I give you 10 million dollars, you’ll divorce me?” 

ut you can’t use the money I gave you.” 

Yes, but you 

Over the years, Angela had lived at Sinclair Villa, and Kenneth had given her an unlimited card when they got married, but she never used it

She always made the gifts herself for his birthdays, so Kenneth thought Angela couldn’t possibly come up with that much money

After a few seconds of silence, Angela nodded. Okay, deal” 

You’ll only have one week. If you can’t give me 10 million dollars within a week, don’t bring up divorce again.” 

Angela frowned, Kenneth, isn’t your condition too strict?” 

Kenneth scoffed, You are the one insisting on a divorce. I’m giving you the chance now, but you’re unwilling to accept it. Angela, I’m wondering if you’re just playing cat and mouse.” 

Angela rolled her eyes and coldly said, Cut the crap. I agree. Can you leave now?” 

Seeing the impatience in her eyes, Kenneth continued, Before we’re divorced, you still have to live with me.” 

Kenneth, don’t push it too far.” 


Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: June, 21, 2024 Native Language: English

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss (Kenneth and Angela)

Kenneth, a domineering CEO and business legend, was surrounded by power, wealth, and loneliness. A life-altering car accident left him partially paralyzed, revealing his complex inner world of unbreakable pride and a hidden longing for love. Angela was a strong-willed and mysterious woman. Despite her life marked by neglect and hardship, Angela's success in business was proof of her intelligence and ability. However, thrust into a marriage with Kenneth, she was unaware of how it would profoundly change her life.

Divorce Clock Ticking by Evangeline Moss

Initially, just a marriage of convenience, Angela and Kenneth's marriage showed a stark contrast in their personalities and destinies. Abandoned by her family, Angela cared for Kenneth very much. It led to his recovery, but just as things looked up, she discovered Kenneth's affair with her sister, driving her to seek a divorce. Kenneth, refusing to let go, used money and self-harm in a desperate attempt to keep her. These conflicts and misunderstandings revealed a deeper truth. Kenneth fell for Angela. His affair were sad mistakes. Now, he was ready to do anything for her affection. How would they finish their story?


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