Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole Chapter 7

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole Chapter 7


Vern Clayton

I could not believe my eyes

My heart was tearing apart. How could the one who had wiped away my tears, turn on the tap again

Wait a minute.Laleh’s voice tore through the pain in my heart as she walked past me

She reached her hand towards her brother and it went right through like nothing was there

My eyes widened as I thought I was starting to see things. I blinked hard, impatiently waiting for Laleh to try it again but she turned narrowed eyes somewhere behind me, forcing me to look too

Not funny Emily. Stop this madness right now! Do you want to give Vera a heart attack?” 

My eyes followed hers and my wolf rolled inside of me as it settled on a slim woman with bright red hair with an unsettling smile on her face

Her gray eyes sparkled with something I couldn’t place a finger on as she stared at me

Relax Laleh, I am sure, our future Luna did find it entertaining. Didn’t you?” 

A huge cloud of confusion was on my face as her words hovered above me refusing to settle in my head

Hmm…” I turned to Laleh for an explanation but she was still glaring at the woman who only waved her hand and laughed it off 

Come on, Laleh, it was a joke. Nobody got hurt.” 

Again, before I could respond, Laleh cut in. A joke you need to end right now.” 

The amusement on Emily’s face vanished and she snapped her fingers

As the sharp sound filled the room, a cool breeze brushed past us and from the corner of my eyes, what was meant to be Blaise and the female he was with, disappeared, leaving the space blank

My eyes blinked multiple times and even my wolf stopped for a second to assess what the situation truly was

It was all an illusion

Vera, please, pay her no attention. That wasn’t Blaise. She made that up. Laleh explained, looking at me with concern. Emily is just a sick person. She is not even supposed to be here. I am so sorry.” 

I could feel the restraint in Laleh’s voice which only added to the confusion I felt within

While I struggled to roll my head around what she said, the redhead came before me

I am Emily. You can think of me as the palace jester magician,she said with a smile at the corner of her lips. Enjoy your happiness while it lasts?” 

With those words, she snapped her fingers again and disappeared, leaving me in utter shock

What is she?I heard myself asking

Lalch released a sigh and came to hold my shoulders. Emily is a witch. Blaise keeps her around for special security reasons


She is not important and you should pay her no attention. Please.” 

My mind was a dark ball of confusion and though I took in what she said, I still found it difficult to agree

I was opening my mouth to ask even more questions when a knock at the door interrupted us

Dinner is served and the king is waiting, the maid said with a bow and my heart skipped a beat

The whole situation with the strange redhead was dulled in my head as my wolf resumed our earlier excitement of seeing 


I tried not to hurry as Laleh led me to the dining area but my feet kept shuffling

A smile broke out on my face as we appeared in the dining room and there he was waiting on his seat with a face that brought nothing but happiness to my 


Hey,he said barely raising his head

That should have been the first red flag but I ignored it

Hi. Blaise, I beamed and he grunted in response

Another red flag but my wolf wouldn’t agree to it

Sarah mentioned that you will be returning there tomorrow to get your test results and begin treatment,” he began, and hoped soared through me

Yes, she said I started to respond but he raised his eyes and turned his attention to his sister as if my words had burned 


Laleh, what is the status of things in the palace?” 

A frown appeared on Laleh’s face, almost mirroring the pain on mine

Blaise, Vera is trying to talk to you,she whispered subtly but my wolf ears picked on it

For the first time since I got to the room, he turned his eyes to me, almost like he was just seeing me

What were you saying, Vera?The sternness in his voice broke the last thread of control I had left

My throat burned and my brain went dead. Tears were already burning at the back of my eyes but I pushed it back

He marked me, only as a need his wolf desired. Nothing more

While I foolishly thought he was going to be my life. My hero

It was enough that he had made a fool of me, but I wouldn’t cry in front of him

I swallowed back my pain and slowly shook my head

You see, she has nothing to say. Please give me an update on the pack.” 

His words only confirmed my thoughts and as Laleh started giving him the report he wanted, I realized that I was doomed and cursed with bad luck

The dream I thought I was living in was actually a nightmare

All the promises he made were lies and I was stuck on my own in a world where everyone wanted to use and dump me.. 


15.23 Mon, 29 Apr


While those who cared too much ended up dead. Like my father and even the innocent child, I was supposed to have in my 

My heart cracked as the pain overlapped, but I kept it all in with as many bandages as my body could manage

As dinner finished, I was the first person to leave the table. I slowly made my way to my room, ignoring Laleh’s calls

Laleh was a good girl and I hoped Blaise treated her better

1 let the tears fall as soon as I got to my room

Thoughts about my father filled my head. He was my only family and after losing him, I met Blaise, in the most spectacular 


I thought Blaise was going to be my new family but I was wrong

The crazy redhead we met earlier was right. My happiness had a deadline and I refused to live on the roller coaster

How much more could I take before I eventually cracked

I had to end it

Aiya had gone quiet and I didn’t bother searching my mind for her. I knew the pain she was going through. We were in this together, and we were both tired

Enough was enough

I dragged my body to the bathroom and my eyes went to the razor by the counter


Without further thought, I picked it up and slowly got into the bathtub, letting the water fill to the brim, then I used the razor to slit my wrists

The sting that followed brought a small smile to my face

Others would say I could run, but where did one get to run when their supposed mates also considered them to be nothing but toolsobjects to be toyed with

Death was the best escape

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

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Her moans were music to my ears, along with the creaking of the bed and our pants. Her sweaty b*dy clung to mine, making her appear like a freaking goddess as she gave me that f**king look that drove me to the brink of insanity, and bit her lips.l increased my pace, and threw my head back, closing my eyes to relish this new feeling. The more I rammed into her, the more she screamed my name. It fueled me to keep going."Blaise, don't f**king stop." She breathed"Not till you can't walk anymore, baby." It was a promise and I was going to f**king do it, even if it was going to require all nightl needed her body to quake as I brought her round after round of orgasms.

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

I needed to see her eyes roll to the back of her head till she was unable to form coherent sentences. I wanted her to only remember me whenever she thought about s*x.Her bloody glistened with sweat and I eyed the spot in-between her neck that shone a bright red and howled. My canines extended and the red in my eyes dominated as I leaned down to inhale her scent. She cried out when my canine dug into her skin and the pleasure we both felt skyrocketed by a thousand. I drunk on her, enjoying the sound our flesh slapping against each other and the sight of her breasts bouncing each time I pounded into her.I licked the spot that bore my mark and growled, "you're mine now, Vera. All mine."********After been unlucky in her first marriage, Vera bumped into Malakai, a powerful Alpha and luck shone on her. "Mate"


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