Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole Chapter 3

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole Chapter 3


Blaise Malakai Vermont

Tell me why again it’s important I attend that shitty event?I rumbled for the umpteenth time since Xander had informed me of the invite to a bail that I had no intention of attending

Every year, I received invites to attend events hosted by the Alpha king of the northern territory, and every year, I always ignored them because I wasn’t a sycophant. I saw no reason to surround myself with powerhungry, selfish, utter disgusting and egotistic buffoons, but it appeared Nicholas never took the hint

The Northern army had gained vast control over majority of the lands and Alphas far and wide were bowing to him, choosing to form and maintain a ridiculous relationship with him in exchange for more fame and power. Apparently, being allied with his name radiated fear and they wanted that

But Nicholas wasn’t satisfied. Amongst all he owned, he lacked something that he wasn’t going to rest till he had acquired and that was getting allied with me so he could have access to my hardened army and bountiful lands

My wealth, indepth connection with the council and army was what he craved and he never relented in his efforts to form a relationship with me so he could brag about it to his stupid entourage

Because Blaise, you’ve almost become a recluse. You keep yourself locked within the confines of the mansion and almost never make an appearance. How do you expect to find your mate when you do not attend such events?” Xander, my trusted. beta and best friend replied

I clicked my tongue dryly, dreading when the despised gate came into view, what make you think she’ll be at such events, hm?I arched a brow at him from the back seat

He snuck a look at me through the rareview mirror, you can call it instinct.” 

I sighed in defeat, you could have at least reduced the entourage

Nothing less for you, dearest Alpha. Now don’t forget to wear a smile and keep you distaste swallowed.He said with his lips curled in a teasing smirk, knowing me so well

As my car pulled into the compound, greeted by the security at the gate, my brows furrowed when I saw what looked like a woman running in the direction of my moving car with a determined expression on her face

Had she lost her goddamn mind running towards a moving vehicle like that? I immediately turned to Xander who had pulled the breaks impromptu, forcing the car to a stóp before it could hit her

I got out of the car with an arched brow, eager to understand what the hell was going through her mind when the utterly delicious scent of chocolate and flowers assaulted my nose, tugging on my heart, making me want to howl. The lady who’s attention had been drawn to the uniformed men chasing her, tried to evade getting caught and ended up running into my 

hard chest

Mate.” Sinclair howled, she is mate. We found mate.He wagged His tail like a lovestruck puppy, prancing around with his tongue darted out

I caught her, reaching my hand to grab her waist and steady her, and my body grew hot at the contact, goosebumps proceeding to dance on my skin as I glanced down at the woman. She was very small, looking like a child in my eyes darkened when I caught sight of what look burns around her wrist

my arms 


She looked up and my word, astonishment was an understatement for what I felt when those dazzling amber eyes bore into. mine, but my excitement soon disappeared when I noticed the bruises on her face. My attention was soon brought to the men chasing her and I subconsciously pulled her further into my arms, flashing dangerously red eyes and bared canines at the guards


Xander still confused by what was playing out, took my side, flashing a deadly look at the guards who immediately came to a stop, backing away in fear, suffocated by ny menacing aura

I heard steps and looked away from the guards that I so badly wanted to tear to pieces, my frown deepening when I saw Nicholas heading my way with the fakest smile plastered on his face

Ah, Alpha Blaise Vermont, I’m quite honoured that you could honour the invitation this time around.He extended his hand for a handshake but I ended up glaring at his hand with flaming eyes


He understood my distaste and retracted his hand, moving his astute gaze to notice the woman in my arms. I noticed his eyes widen for a second in surprise before turning to stealthily signal his guards to remain on stand by

With his eyes still on the woman, he cleared his throat, a slight trace of annoyance striking his eyes, please, don’t let her trouble you. I’ll have the guards take her away and punish her for misbehaviour. She’s not the most wellbehaved fish in the 


His comment struck a thick nerve, making my eye twitch. Sinclair was enraged by the discovery, ready to go on a rampage at the idea that his mate was being maltreated. I noticed him signal the guards to take her away from me and I let out a terrifying growl that shook the building

Touch her and watch me commit a massacre in the blink of an eye.” my voice was low and terrifying, my eyes glowing redas Sinclair fought to take control

Nicholaseye twitched but he chose to swallow his annoyance and clear his throat, continuing with his charade of a welcoming host, well, do forgive me for my comment. Please, come in, Blaise, the others are awaiting your presence.” 

Having had enough his attempts, I turned to the frail woman and gently lowered my hand to caress her face. She had a small face that fit perfectly in my hands, and her big orbs, cheeks, plump rosey lips and round nose, reminded me of a child. She bore childlike features

She gawked at me in surprise before looking away in an effort to hide her blush. She looked so tired and weak, skinny and dirty. Her wild black hair covered her face but her tiny hands never let go of the side of my coat that she had grabbed when she had seen Nicholas coming. It was obvious that she was terrified of him

What is your name, little one?I asked

She bit her lips before squeaking in a shy tone, Vvera.” 

My eyes were glued to her pouty lips, battling Sinclair that was panting like a dog in heat. Mark her, claim mate now.He kept chanting over and over

Not now but very soon.I said to him, sharing his desire

Hmmm, Vera.I looked how her name tasted in my mouth. Permit me to take you with me.” 

She didn’t need to say anything. The way she looked at me with eagerness, said it all. I signalled Xander to get the men ready. for our departure and though confused, still obeyed

Nicholas upon noticing that my departure was at hand, said, Blaise, you do not want to leave without greeting the others. They’ve been dying to meet you.” there was an underlying threat in his tone

I’m not interested in your gathering of hypocrites. I’m not about ready to endure unbearable minutes of unhidden sycophancy. I’ll take the girl, she appears to have captured my attention.I said with heavy eyes that promised hell to anyone who dared intervene

Nicholas growled, unable to contain his rage and took supposedly intimidating steps forward till he was facetoface with me. His eyes flashed silver and in a thunderous voice, said, Blaise, do not forget who owns the land you’re currently standing on. You do not want to disrespect me in my own territory, Vermont! I’ll have you and your men dead before you 


even get to cross the border!” 

My lips tilted in a mischievous grin as my eyes suddenly turned an empty black, is that so?” 

I waved my finger and in an instant, teleported every belonging and men of mine away from his grounds

Good luck finding me.My faded whisper resounded as I vanished, enjoying the look of horror on his face at my little trick

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

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Her moans were music to my ears, along with the creaking of the bed and our pants. Her sweaty b*dy clung to mine, making her appear like a freaking goddess as she gave me that f**king look that drove me to the brink of insanity, and bit her lips.l increased my pace, and threw my head back, closing my eyes to relish this new feeling. The more I rammed into her, the more she screamed my name. It fueled me to keep going."Blaise, don't f**king stop." She breathed"Not till you can't walk anymore, baby." It was a promise and I was going to f**king do it, even if it was going to require all nightl needed her body to quake as I brought her round after round of orgasms.

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

I needed to see her eyes roll to the back of her head till she was unable to form coherent sentences. I wanted her to only remember me whenever she thought about s*x.Her bloody glistened with sweat and I eyed the spot in-between her neck that shone a bright red and howled. My canines extended and the red in my eyes dominated as I leaned down to inhale her scent. She cried out when my canine dug into her skin and the pleasure we both felt skyrocketed by a thousand. I drunk on her, enjoying the sound our flesh slapping against each other and the sight of her breasts bouncing each time I pounded into her.I licked the spot that bore my mark and growled, "you're mine now, Vera. All mine."********After been unlucky in her first marriage, Vera bumped into Malakai, a powerful Alpha and luck shone on her. "Mate"


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