Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole Chapter 2

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole Chapter 2

Keep running

Vera Clayton;

Five days. That’s how long I had remained chained, left to endure the agonizing burn of the silver against my skin, trapped in a cell that stank of dried blood, sweet, damp walls and misery. Water dripped onto the floor, seeping into my cell and staining my bare legs that were now discolored as a result of numerous bites from insects that creeped into my cell and cohabited in the walls.

I could feel my eyes struggling to remain open, slow dry breaths echoed across the small space as I remained on the floor, weak from the ceaselessly crying till my tear ducts ran out of liquid. My whole b*dy was aching from the beating I had received that day and the numerous strokes from the bull’s whip, Nicholas had asked his guards to whip me with.

I feared for my baby’s life because after enduring all the ordeal, I wasn’t fed. I was left to starve, without even as much as a glass of water to quench my thirst. My lips were cracked and I had bruises all over my b*dy. My wolf, Aiya, couldn’t even do much to help because she was also dying of hunger.

I knew I wasn’t holding up well, I was drifting towards losing consciousness and I figured it wouldn’t be long before I passed out. I twisted my b*dy at the pain that attacked my abdomen, unable to even cry out. I lowered my hands to cradle my stomach, muffling the screams that wanted to burst out of me.

My blood ran cold when I felt liquid trickle down my legs, shattering my heart as the wellbeing of my child ran through my mind. I needed help but no matter how hard I tried to scream, I couldn’t.

I heard thudding steps approaching and through a blurred sight, I made out the image of guards saying something. The click that resounded from the lock getting undone, had me twisting slightly to force myself to get a better sight of what was coming my way.

“Shit, she’s bleeding. Go call the Alpha!” A guard thundered.

I heard existing steps, unable to keep my eyes open when I felt fingers grip my right wrist, checking for a pulse. Minutes later, steps echoed in the hall and I smelt him, his earthy musk. I figured the dispatched guard had informed him and he had decided to come along.

Nicholas approached me, lowering himself to my level. He ran his eyes over my appearance, eyeing the pool of blood I was lying in. His dark gaze chilled my bones, my spin stiffening when I felt him drag a finger down my bloodied thighs, feeling the warm crimson liquid.

He hummed and turned to his guards, “take her to the pack doctor, she might be useless but she’s worth more to me alive than dead. Have her ready by tonight for my guests, they’d definitely need some sort of entertainment.”

My heart snapped when his words echoed in my fading consciousness. How could I have ever conceived the thoughts that we could ever be a couple? Nicholas had never looked at me like I was a woman worth keeping around and it made me wonder why he bothered requesting my hand in marriage, from the long line of women willing to be his mistress.

Why did he choose me if he was just going to keep treating me like garbage. I wondered if he even saw me as a living being. To him, I was just a play thing, but what threw me into deep shock was how he could utter such harsh words with a straight face after witnessing my distressed state. He wore not an inkling of worry on his face, he only cared about discarding me to his friends? I had gotten myself entagled with a devil and a way out seemed nonexistent.

A strained gasp left my lips before a loud volt of pain clawed at my lower back, making me jerk as consciousness finally slipped from me.


Loud beeping had my eyes weakly growing open, my consciousness slowly returning to me. I groaned, gently twisting as my b*dy protested being awake, rejecting the bright light that hit my dull and heavy eyes.

My neck ached as I turned my head to get a better understanding of where I was. I raised my hands, blinking at the tubes that connected me to a few machines. I felt my face and gently took off the oxygen mask, hating the restriction. I gently ran my hand through my hair, drawing in deep breaths to stabilize my breathing.

I heard the knob get turned and immediately turned to find the pack doctor enter the room with a distressed look on his face, which he was trying to hide. I gawked at him, knowing it ironic how I was brought to him in worse condition when he had informed me just few days ago to avoid any stressful action.

Recalling the pain that had knocked me unconscious and the pool of blood, I drew a deep breath and faced him with sad eyes, “tell me the truth, doctor, how’s the baby doing?”

Doctor Rasheed sighed, lowering his head with an aura that said it all. I read it from his countenance that I had lost the pregnancy.

“You had suffered internal bruises as a result of the external strain on your b*dy, which resulted in internal haemorrhage. I’m sorry, but your baby didn’t make it. I have informed the Alpha.” He cleared his throat, refusing to let the pity he felt show.

I deduced from his expression that Nicholas hadn’t said anything positive. I was sure he didn’t even bat an eyelid when the doctor had informed him of the miscarriage. Why would he anyways when he was solely responsible for my condition.They all killed my baby, Nicholas killed my baby. I hated them so darn much and it terrified me just how much hatred was rolling off me.

“He had instructed that I-uh–” he cleared his throat again, unable to meet my gaze, “–clean you up and-uh, load you on painkillers and discharge you tonight, so the maids can you ready for the guests. I’m so sorry Luna, I tried to tell him you weren’t in suitable condition… but he threatened to drop me if I didn’t obey.”

A wry smile crept onto my lips as a devasted chuckled rumbled in my throat. I wouldn’t have expected less from Nicholas. He was a monster who lacked a heart, he was worse than the rumours potrayed him.

Doctor Rasheed, gently moved away from the door, signaling the shilohettes behind the door to enter the room. Three maids walked in, bowing their head at me in respect that I wanted to badly to yell at them to quit. I perceived it as mockery.

I had no strength in me to struggle so when a maid beckoned on me, I gently scooted out of the bed and let them lead me out of the infirmary. They lead me down the connecting hallway, taking a turn to approach steps that climbed to the hallway that lead to my room.

I was made to walk in the middle of them, lifelessly trudging behind, till one of them suddenly paused, maintaining a moment of silence before turning to face us, “I have just received a mindlink from the Alpha, he’s requesting my presence, he was further instructions for me.” Her firm voice came.

“Eleanor, you run her bath and get her ready. Gia, go meet Madame Blanca, for the lingerie the Alpha had selected for her. I’ll be with you shortly. Luna.” She bowed her head before walking away.

The blond maid whom I deduced was Gia, followed behind her, leaving me with the redhead, who led me into my room.

She sat me on the bed, excusing herself to run the bath. I gawked at her, seething with rage. I couldn’t stomach being around any of them, this place only brought me pain and sitting in the room in which Nicholas usually kept me a prisoner, I was filled with dread. I couldn’t stand being here for another minute.

“Then run away. I can help you knock out the frail maid, giving you enough time to run as fast you can away from here before the maids return.” Aiya squeaked.

I chewed on my bottom lip, feeling determined. I wasn’t going to let Nicholas disrespect me anymore. Tonight was a ball so everyone would be to absorbed in receiving guests, a perfect opportunity to run away. I would probably be long gone before they’d be able to figure out my absence.

I picked up a vase from the stool stationed beside the bed and walked as quietly as I could to the bathroom. I stood behind her and with ever strength I could muster, swung the vase as I hard as I could, gasping when she immediately slumped, bleeding from the impact of my swing.

I didn’t waste a second, I grabbed the jacket from the maid, threw it on and dashed out of the room, skidding as fast as I could down the steps, ignoring the ache in my b*dy as I ran. I didn’t want them to figure me out till I was out of this bloody mansion.

“Turn left and blend in with the crowd, don’t draw attention to yourself.” Aiya said.

I made a turn, choosing the slip out through the crowds, disguised as a maid. I threw my hair over my face, walking as stealthily as I could throw the most occupied part of the hall, careful not to draw attention to myself.

My barefeet shuddered as the cold floor sent chills up my spine. I was dirty, with roughed hair, still clad in the short hospital gown. The cold breeze kissed my b*dy and I sprinted away from the mansion doors, feeling my emotions pile when I saw the gate come into sight.

I was finally going to be free, or so I thought, till I heard a guard call after me. Panicked, I increased my pace, refusing to turn. I heard loud steps behind me and knew he was hot on my trail and was probably requesting backup.

“Make a right turn.” Aiya said.

I nodded, immediately changing routes, choosing to take the path that went behind the garage as Aiya had directed.

I glanced back, my eyes widening when I saw more guards chasing after me. I turned and found a black Porsche driving forward, with black rovers trailing behind it.

“Keep running forward.” Aiya instructed.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Just do it.”

I was weak and running out of breath but I did as she asked, increasing my pace even as I saw the car slow down. I turned back to glance at the guards and a panicked breath escaped my lips when I saw one almost behind me, reaching out his hands to grab me. I evaded him but looked in front too late to avoid colliding with a strong b*dy.

Vanilla and sandalwood wafted through the air, kissing my nose; it was a mouthwatering scent that made my inside soar. Tingles erupted from where I had made contact with him, jolting electrifying chills through my b*dy. I felt myself growing weak in the knees, widths away from purring like a cat.

His arm had wrapped around my waist when I had collided what him in attempt to stabilize my balance and I looked up only to have my breaths knocked out of my chest because looking down at me were the darkest shade of gray eyes that I had ever been opportuned to meet.

Subconsciously, still trapped in the entrancing moment, I ended up blurting out a word that shocked me to the core, “mate.”

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

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Her moans were music to my ears, along with the creaking of the bed and our pants. Her sweaty b*dy clung to mine, making her appear like a freaking goddess as she gave me that f**king look that drove me to the brink of insanity, and bit her lips.l increased my pace, and threw my head back, closing my eyes to relish this new feeling. The more I rammed into her, the more she screamed my name. It fueled me to keep going."Blaise, don't f**king stop." She breathed"Not till you can't walk anymore, baby." It was a promise and I was going to f**king do it, even if it was going to require all nightl needed her body to quake as I brought her round after round of orgasms.

Claimed by the Cursed Alpha by Kiara Nicole

I needed to see her eyes roll to the back of her head till she was unable to form coherent sentences. I wanted her to only remember me whenever she thought about s*x.Her bloody glistened with sweat and I eyed the spot in-between her neck that shone a bright red and howled. My canines extended and the red in my eyes dominated as I leaned down to inhale her scent. She cried out when my canine dug into her skin and the pleasure we both felt skyrocketed by a thousand. I drunk on her, enjoying the sound our flesh slapping against each other and the sight of her breasts bouncing each time I pounded into her.I licked the spot that bore my mark and growled, "you're mine now, Vera. All mine."********After been unlucky in her first marriage, Vera bumped into Malakai, a powerful Alpha and luck shone on her. "Mate"


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