Chosen CHAPTER 238

Chosen CHAPTER 238

Chosen By The Moon 

Chapter 238 

Dylan POV 

You’re GI get it, G for Gilliardyou helped me to make and distribute the counterfeit milk tokens.His eyes widened drastically as he looked me up and down in disbelief

You’re R?He was very confused by this point not that I blamed him of course. But what does the

stand for?” 

R for Riley as in Dylan RileyIt’s nice to Finally meet youGilliard.I smiled genuinely at the man in front of me. I had no idea that the alpha that was in charge of this pack, and heading the rebellion itself would be the one stood in front of me currently

Why not use the initial D?His mate asked with an amused smile as the alpha gently took the cell out. of my hand and placed it on the desk once more

Well, people tend to get the wrong impression when an unknown number is saved in someones phone as Dit could mean anything couldn’t it?I chuckled at the insinuation and instantly was met with looks of understanding. I learned quickly that it was easier to be known as R or Riley. It’s a good job I did really, because if I hadn’t, everything would have come to light as soon as I was claimed by his grace, and then my life would have been far worse than it already was.” 

Hang onIf you were my contact, then that would mean that I was speaking with a thirteen, possibly fourteen year old about executions and public punishments. I assumed I was talking to an adult, especially given the knowledge you had on equipment made long before your time. How is it you knew how to work the old electricals?So he thought that I was older than I was when we were in contact together? That makes sense, we did only speak to each other on extremely rare occurrences, everything else was communicated through text or messages. Besides, I had no idea I was speaking to a fully fledged adult, and I certainly didn’t assume that he was a Lycan, never mind an alpha

Well my dads job was to build and restore old equipment, before it was outlawed, he would bring everything home, and show me the inner workings of it all. I might be young but i was practically raised taking apart and reassembling old fashioned appliances. I probably know how they work much more than I know how the latest technology does.I shrugged as if it was the most obvious answer in the world

I didn’t talk about my dad much, but whenever I did it was usually to chastise certain members of the lycan species and hold them accountable for everything that had spiraled in my life, since the new world took effect. Only this time I was actually talking about him in a positive light, I was finally remembering the good times we had instead of only his death at my own hands

You never told me thats what your father did.Lewis interjected as he gently placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder, silently asking me if I was alright to be talking about this stuff

Chapter 238 

Well, it’s not exactly something I could have casually bought up in conversation. Is it?It wasn’t something he had asked me before so I had no idea how I was meant to approach the subject with him

hell, I wasn’t even sure if he wanted to talk about that stuff

What did your mom do?I smiled at how he was actively going out of his way, at a time like that no less, to try and get to know me a little bit better. It made my stomach flutter once again and a small blush crept up on my cheeks as I thought about how Lewis always did manage to break my walls down

She was a worker in the local bakerythat’s how she managed to get placed on inventory when the 

new world began. Her new world job made my tasks much easier as I was able to get hold of all the 

relevant data.Deep down, I knew that if I hadn’t have started things up, then someone else most likely 

would have in my stead

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Status: Ongoing
"Mate!" My eyes bulged out of my head as I snapped up to regard the guy who is obviously the king. His eyes were locked on mine as he began to advance very quickly. Oh great. That's why he looked familiar, he was the same guy who I bumped into only an hour or two before hand. The one who claimed I was his mate... Oh... SHIT! In a dystopian future, it is the 5-year anniversary of the end of the earth as we knew it. A race of supernatural creatures calling themselves the lycanthrope has taken over and nothing has been the same. Every town is split into two districts, the human district, and the wolf district. The humans are now treated as a minority, while the Lycans are to be treated with the utmost respect, failure to submit to them results in brutal public punishments. For Dylan, a 17-year-old girl, living in this new world is tough. Being 12 when the wolves took over, she has both witnessed and experienced public punishment firsthand. Wolves have been domineering since the new world and if you're found to be the mate of one, for Dylan it is a fate worse than death. So what happens when she finds out she not only is a lycan’s mate but that lycan happens to be the most famous and the most brutal of them all? Follow Dylan on her rocky journey, combatting life, love, and loss. A new spin on the typical wolf story. I hope you enjoy it. Warning, mature content. Scenes of strong Abuse. Scenes of self-harm Scenes of Rape. Scenes of a S**ually explicit nature. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.


  1. Alex says:

    I haven’t come across such a captivating novel in a long time, I couldn’t even put this down, literally! Please keep on adding more chapters to this series, I can’t wait to see what is next in store for Dylan and Lewis!

  2. Destiny says:

    Agghh!!! After reading this chapter, I began looking for solutions as to where I could find the rest. I’ve been hooked onto this novel to the point I had a playlist set to ready to play whenever the novel had focused on Lewis x Dyln. 😭
    This novel has been absolutely so captivating. Very much on my knees begging for another chapter release. 🗣️‼️
    Although I will say that I hold this novel to be the very first book I managed to focus on and build emotions with as I read each chapter. 🥰

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