Chosen CHAPTER 237

Chosen CHAPTER 237

Chosen By The Moon 

Chapter 237 

I’m curious to get to know what kind of seventeen year old used words like perplexedLuna Trina chuckled as we walked up several flights of stairs, before finally stopping at the office

I’m actually eighteen now, and I suppose I’ve just gotten used to being formal.I heard a small gasp come from Lewis who looked at me with nothing but guilt in his eyes. I frowned at the sudden emotion leading him to give me an explanation for it

We never got the chance to celebrate your birthday!He spoke with a sad tone as I simply and sarcastically let out a single breathless laugh

I think there have been much bigger issues, than me aging. Don’t worry about it.I mean I had collapsed on my birthday and had been unconscious ever since. There wasn’t much celebrating that could have been done. I shrugged my shoulders and sighed, taking a small deep breath before walking into the office after knocking on the door gently, with both Luna Trina and Lewis in tow

Your Grace!Alpha Gilliard was quick to stand up from his seat and walk over towards me. It’s an honor to finally meet you.He quickly performed a low bow while I unconsciously stuck my hand out to shake his, only instead I made direct contact to his face

Wellthere goes first impressions.I chuckled then couldn’t help the wince that raked through my body as he stood up quickly. I thought he was going to hit me back, and so I braced myself for it, but somehow my eyes although squinted slightly, remained on him at all times. Sorry.I relaxed slightly when I realized he wasn’t going to retaliate, instead he just stared shocked at my posture

Oh trust me, Trina has given me much worse.he chuckled instantly easing my tensions. Somehow, he sounded extremely familiar. I frowned at him, and quickly let my memories spiral as I tried my hardest to remember where I had heard him before. For some reason, I thought you would be taller.Was his only quip, before he laughed and held his own hand out which I took quickly, giving a single respectful hand shake while still frowning

How long have you been the alpha of this pack for?I questioned while the other two wolves in the room stood waiting to see exactly why I was asking this

My leadership is reaching eight years now.Eight years meant even before the new world came in to fruition. So where had I heard his voice? The deep resonating natural echo it had, on top of his friendly tone, everything about it was comp familiar

You don’t have a cell phone by any chance do you?He too was now frowning at my easy going interrogation, but he nodded and reached into the draw below his desk, he pulled out an old flip cellphone and placed it onto the desktop in front of me. I reached for it quickly and unlocked it with 


I quickly scrolled through his list of contacts and smiled when I found one that was all 

Chapter 237 

  1. me. I knew exactly why his voice sounded so familiar, because we had spoken a lot more than once since 

the smuggling trade began

You’re GI get it, G for Gilliardyou helped me to make and distribute the counterfeit milk tokens.His eyes widened drastically as he looked me up and down in disbelief

You’re R?He was very confused by this point not that I blamed him of course. But what does the R stand for?” 

R for Riley, as in Dylan RileyIt’s nice to Finally meet youGilliard.” 

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It’s all coming together




Status: Ongoing
"Mate!" My eyes bulged out of my head as I snapped up to regard the guy who is obviously the king. His eyes were locked on mine as he began to advance very quickly. Oh great. That's why he looked familiar, he was the same guy who I bumped into only an hour or two before hand. The one who claimed I was his mate... Oh... SHIT! In a dystopian future, it is the 5-year anniversary of the end of the earth as we knew it. A race of supernatural creatures calling themselves the lycanthrope has taken over and nothing has been the same. Every town is split into two districts, the human district, and the wolf district. The humans are now treated as a minority, while the Lycans are to be treated with the utmost respect, failure to submit to them results in brutal public punishments. For Dylan, a 17-year-old girl, living in this new world is tough. Being 12 when the wolves took over, she has both witnessed and experienced public punishment firsthand. Wolves have been domineering since the new world and if you're found to be the mate of one, for Dylan it is a fate worse than death. So what happens when she finds out she not only is a lycan’s mate but that lycan happens to be the most famous and the most brutal of them all? Follow Dylan on her rocky journey, combatting life, love, and loss. A new spin on the typical wolf story. I hope you enjoy it. Warning, mature content. Scenes of strong Abuse. Scenes of self-harm Scenes of Rape. Scenes of a S**ually explicit nature. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.


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