Becoming Strangers Again Chapter 14

Becoming Strangers Again Chapter 14

Chapter 14 LILY ONE YEAR LATER Things has been going on perfectly well with Jake. He is the perfect man anyone would ask for. I know that look, and I know what is going through your minds right now, but then it has been the six years, this year making it seven since I moved on from Ryan’s betrayal. What he did hurt me, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean 1 will judge all men and stay clear of all relationships. Liam. Noah and Ethan love him, and they get along with him, so I do not see why not. It has been a year since we started dating, and he hasn’t given me any reason to doubt him in any way or make me feel uncomfortable. Today is our anniversary, and I am really looking forward to what he is planning. I got him the limited–edition Valentino Men Jacket he has always wanted. Walking out of the emergency ward where I had to attend to an accident patient, I walked to the front desk to instruct them on a few things. However, when I made it to the front desk, I was shocked and surprised at the sight before me. Byan arguing with the nurse with Stephinie standing quietly behind him. “What do you mean by I need an appointment to see Dr. Sandra?” he snapped at the nurse. “Do you realize that I had to cancel meetings and you tell me that I can’t see Dr. Sandra because I don’t have an appointment! Are you kidding me?!” to be here nurse causing me to halt. Why does he want to see the fertility specialist for? Shaking my head, I turned to walk away but Ryan cussed loudly ly at the nurse Clenching my jaw. I turned around and stomped towards them. “What is going on here?” I asked nurse Jane, intentionally ignoring Ryan They are here to see Dr. Sarah without an appointment.” Noticing that Ryan is suddenly quiet, I moved my attention to him, “I apologies sir, but Dr. Sarah is a very busy woman and hence you can’t see her without an appointment.” He blinked slowly at me. “Please stop the formality Lily, I am a stranger.” 1 arched a brow. “You aren’t a friend either.” I looked past him to Stephine for a moment before returning it to him, “Please book a section with her, nurse jane will sell you what to do to book an appointment with her.” Having addressed the commotion, I turned to the front desk, to relay the message that brought me this direction in the first place. “The patient in ward ten, page me if his guardian shows up.” →Yes ma’am.” 1 turned to leave but Stephinie’s question stopped me. “You work here, right?” slowly turning around, I stared her, my eyes slowly running through her frame. “Perhaps you can use that influence and get us to see Dr. Sarah.” Amused and offended at the same time, I crossed both hands and continued to stare at her. “I don’t just work here, I own the place, and no, I will not use my influence to get you to see Dr. Sarah because here, we treat our patients equal here? She scoffed. “I doubt that.” She licked her lips and looked around, “and there is no way you own the place. I rolled my eyes. “You can believe whatever you want to believe, but at the end of it, you will still need to see Dr. Sarah after you have booked an appointment” Turning around, I walked away and left them standing there, Talk about my day almost getting rained. my way back from work, I received a text from Jake, telling me to get dressed with the clothes he sent to the house for me and the kids, but I told him 1 won’t be bringing the kids along, Ryan is surprisingly in town, and I do not want any sudden encounter between him and the kids just one look at Liam and the way he behaves and he will know the boys are his “You look beautiful. Liam complimented from Isis position on my bed. He is the only one awake a amongst the three brothers. Smiling at him, I did finish touches to my makeup. “Thank you love. Gesting off my seat, I went for the perfume. No matter how hard I tried to push it aside, I can’t help but wonder why Stephine and Ryan wants to see a fentity specialist. Are they trying to try for a baby but it isn’t working” Tahook my head to rid the


thought. Whatever they are doing isn’t my business. sny “Are you going out with uncle Jake?” he asked again, rolling off the bed to jo me in the closel 11:31 AM Chapter 14 “Yes, love, I am going out with uncle Jake.” I know he wouldn’t want to come with me because he doesn’t care, but I can’t say the same for Ethan. He nodded. “Please get me chocolates.. plenty chocolates.” Chuckling, I nodded. “Sure, I will get you lots and lots of chocolates.” He pulled the seat close to me, claimed on it and me goodnight on the check before racing out of my room Sometimes, I wonder how lonely and sad my life would have been. Grabbing my purse, I went to the rest of the sleeping boy’s goodnight when the intercom rang. Thinking it was Jake and one of his tricks, I picked it up. “You know you can drive in without having to call the intercom, right?” A voice cleared his throat awkwardly. Tam sorry to disturb ma’am, but there is man named Ryan Williams who is out here insisting to see you” My eyes bulged. What is Ryan doing here? “Don’t let him in, leave him standing outside for as long as he wants. He has no right to track me down. and I will make him see reasons. “And the next time he visits, don’t inform me about it, just let him stand there.” 11:32 AM

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Becoming Strangers Again

Becoming Strangers Again

Status: Ongoing
After Lily’s tough divorce with Ryan, she becomes a famous doctor with help from an old friend. She also finds a new partner, someone who loves and understands her value.Ryan, oblivious to Lily’s transformation, stumbles into her world while visiting a hospital with his mistress. To his shock, the hospital is Lily’s, and his desire for her reignites. The stakes escalate when he uncovers the secret she’s been hiding-triplets, his unclaimed heirs. In this tale of broken love, success, and hidden legacies, can Ryan win back not only Lily’s heart but also the future of his empire?


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