And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie Chapter 7

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie Chapter 7

Monday morning came faster than I expected, and waking up early I dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, a white and navy button up shirt with my favorite flats. I didn’t want to stand out, but I wanted to look nice. Orientation was supposed to take a few hours, and then I would be free for the day. Classes not officially starting till the following week.

Heading towards the school in my car, I managed to think over everything that had happened to me while I had been here. Not only had the guys left me alone since the conversation between Damian and I but they were also acting weird towards me.

As in, always watching me weird.

Pulling into the school, I quickly made my way towards the cafe where I was going to be meeting Kate. I had already had two text from her asking where I was since I was thirty minutes late.

“Ivy!” Kate called cheerfully, drawing my attention from where I stood just inside the cafe door. I smiled at her, looking to the other two women who were sitting with her and decided to join them.

“Hey, sorry, I am late. Traffic was bad up the road and I had to sit behind traffic for four turns before I made it through.” I replied with a sigh as I sat down next to Kate.

Slowly, she slid the coffee over towards me that she had ordered and I was more than grateful. I had been dreaming of this moment since the third light rotation in traffic.

“Oh my G o d, that is so good.” I hummed causing the girls with Kate to giggle.

“Ivy, this is Bree and Mandy. Bree is on her second year, and Mandy is new this year like us.” I smiled waving to the girls as I wiped foam from my upper lip.

“It’s nice to meet you guys.”

“You as well, hunny.” Bree replied with a southern accent. “I am from Georgia as well. Kate was telling me you and her are too. That’s so neat we are all from the same state.”

“Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s crazy.” I replied before turning to Mandy, “where are you from?”

“California.” She said with a smile, her blonde hair contrasted her green eyes and olive colored skin. “This place is a contrast to my beaches and sunshine.”

The four of us began to laugh while we shared random memories with each other. Eventually orientation started and as it did we all found ourselves moving in step with the rest of the student’s as we toured the campus.

“Oh, my G o d.” Mandy replied after a moment causing us all to stop, “who are those sex machines?”

As my eyes followed the direction of where she was looking, I watched as James, Hale, and Talon climbed out of a large truck, laughing with friends who had come over to join them. A groan left my throat as I watched the girls fawn over them.

“Those right there are Ivy’s new roommates.” Kate smirked, causing Bree and Mandy to look at me.

“You are messing with the four horseman?” Bree asked in shock, “how?”

“Horsemen?” I laughed, “they are my step-mothers godsons. They are not as great as one would think. More of a pain in my a s s.”

“They could be a pain in my a s s if they want.” Mandy smirked, causing us all to burst into a fit of laughter.

“Oh my G o d…tmi.” I chuckled.

“Don’t act like you don’t want them.” Mady smirked, “they are f u c k i n g gorgeous.”

I couldn’t deny that I hadn’t thought about it, but the thing was, I couldn’t act on that. Plus, they were not in any way interested in me. “Perhaps, but we all can’t stand each other.”

“Who can’t stand each other?” A sultry, devious voice said from directly behind me. As I looked towards the girls, I watched as their eyes widened and Bree quickly covered her mouth to stifle her laughter.

Pinching my brow, I sighed before turning around and coming face to face with James and Hale. Hale crossed his arms over his chest, smirking at me as James looked dead intent on getting the answer to his question.

“We all don’t. You, me, and the rest of your crew. Damian made that clear.”

James sighed, rolling his eyes as he smiled, “don’t believe everything you hear.”

“Yeah, sure.” I replied with sarcasm as I stepped away from him and gestured for the girls to keep following me. There was no way I was going to allow him to ruin orientation day for me.

Every time I was around them I was flustered, and they had me thinking things that I shouldn’t. I had a career to achieve and work to do. I didn’t have time to worry about boys, because all they did was agitated me.

“Ivy, you’re so—” Kate’s voice said before quickly stopping with laughter.

A set of hands wrapped around me, hoisting me up into the air as I found myself hanging upside down over James’ shoulder. “Oh my G o d! Put me down!” I screamed in shock, trying to register the way I felt as he touched me.

My skin was crawling in pleasure at the feeling of contact with his own skin, and it seemed that I wasn’t the only one who was affected. His body tensed, and before I knew it, I found my back pressed against the wall of a building.

His firm grip on my hips had my heart racing. An internal struggle building within him as began to breathe heavy. “James…” I whispered, trying to wrap my mind around what was happening.

“James!” Hale yelled as he approached, a low growl emitting from James’ throat.

“James, what are you doing…”I tried again, and finally his eyes cast down towards my own. The gold rings within them glowing brightly and sending shock through to my soul. What was he?

I remembered Damian with the same small tones of gold, and the more I stared at him, the closer his lips got to my own. I anticipated a kiss, but instead he leaned towards my neck and inhaled deeply behind my ear. “It isn’t possible…”

“What isn’t–” I asked before he cut me off quickly and pulled away from me. The empty feeling of his body away from my own bringing loss.

“James…” Hale stated again in a warning tone as James stared at me with a confused expression as if he wasn’t sure what was going on. His brows narrowed as he shook his head and turned, storming past Hale headed for the truck.

Hale gave me an apologetic look as he followed after James. My eyes turned back towards the girls. I saw the shock in two of them, but nothing but excitement in Kate’s eyes.

“Oh, my G o d. That was f u c k i n g hot!” She said excitedly as she turned her gaze back towards the guys watching them as I did.

She was right– it was hot.

“Ivy, are you okay?” Bree finally asked softly as she came to step in front of me, blocking my view from the men.

Shaking my head I smiled, “uh– yeah. I’m okay.”

“You have to be careful around them. Bad things happen, especially around Damian.”

Her statement had me confused, and I looked at her for more answers but she quickly shook it off, walking away from the rest of us headed back towards the dorms. I wasn’t quite sure what her statement meant, but I wanted too.

The guys were definitely something, but I wouldn’t consider them actually dangerous.

Then again, looks could be deceiving, and I didn’t have the best track record with making the right choices. It was one of the reasons why I kept to myself back in Georgia. It lessened the risk of me getting into something I couldn’t handle.

Even if every part of me wanted to handle him– and the others.

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie

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"You don't belong here." "Perhaps to you I don't but I'm not going anywhere," I replied unwilling to let him scare me. A deep chuckle left his throat as he stepped closer, "I can do terrible things to you-"

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie


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