And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie Chapter 26

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie Chapter 26


Spending time with Talon had been more than amazing, but while the fun was coming to a close, I never expected that my father would text me asking to speak with me. I was hesitant after everything that had happened, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to face him after he hit me.

“Ivy, it will be okay.” Talon stated reassuringly, “I will be close. I won’t let him hurt you again.”

It was sweet that he was so willing to be protective over me. The moment we completed the mate bond, I could feel everything he did and knew that even though he was more on the aggressive side–he would do anything for me.

What I had not expected when we entered the house through the kitchen was to see Damian standing there with Hale and James. I wanted more than anything to wrap myself in their embrace and welcome them home, but I knew that I couldn’t do that because of Damian.

Damian didn’t know what I had with them.

Yes, Damian and I fought all the time but no matter how many times we argued and yelled at each other, I couldn’t help but find him attractive.

I couldn’t help but want him.

Knocking on my father’s office door, I waited.

“Come in.” His loud voice boomed across the small space and with nervous hands, I pushed open the door making my way inside. His rather large and imposing figure sat behind his desk while his eyes barely glanced up at my approaching figure.

“You wanted to see me?” I was hesitant to see him after the argument we had. Our last confrontation ended with him slapping me. Something my father had never done, and I wasn’t sure why he had done to begin with.

“Yes,” he replied before setting down his pin and looking at me, “I wanted to talk about what happened earlier and to apologize for losing my cool. That should never have happened, and I regret what I did.”

Shock filled me that my father was apologizing. For him to apologize when he was such a proud man was not something I expected. But then again, he had never tried to hurt me before so perhaps he really was sorry.

“It’s okay. I know it was done in the heat of the moment.” I mumbled taking a seat across from him.

“Indeed,” he chuckled, “there are actually some things that I think we need to talk about.”

“What would that be?”

“You are mating with the boys, of course.” My father said c o o l l y with a smirk that caused my eyes to widen in shock.

How in the heck did he know that!

“I have no idea—”

“Don’t try to lie to me like I’m a fool, Ivy.” He growled with impatience, shaking his head with a laugh before leaning back in his chair. “It’s a good thing, though.”

“What’s a good thing?” I was hesitant and nervous about where the conversation was going. There was still so much about all of this that I didn’t know about. Hale and I had only had a brief conversation about mates and what that meant.

“Did you know that it was much harder to get you here than I expected? But I knew the moment Damian recognized you as his mate when I came back from your graduation… that I had to do what it took to make sure you came here.”

My father’s riddled words made no sense at all, but I figured it was probably better not to say anything so that I didn’t anger him. Instead, I watched how he found joy in the fact that I was miserable in a way but happy at the same time.

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course not!” He chuckled, “to think you could have been at an Ivy League school but I pulled some strings. I made sure you were here to fulfill your destiny.”

His words were like a dagger to my heart as I tried to understand what he meant, “what do you mean, you pulled some strings?”

“Oh don’t act like that, Ivy.” He scolded, “it’s for the better. You would never have done well there.”

The fact that my father did something to prevent me from going where I wanted, and then was telling me I wouldn’t have made it there… It was beyond cruel. He had no idea what I was capable of… they were my dreams.

“You didn’t!” I screamed at him, “that was my future!”

“Don’t you dare raise your tone with me!” He growled, causing me to shrink back, but not before the office door flew open and all four of them stood there, eyes glowing gold staring at my father as if he lost his mind.

“You will not speak to her that way,” Damian growled, causing my father’s eyes to open wide. “You went behind my back, and made my brother’s mate with her after I said no.”

Hale, Talon, and James all looked toward Damian.

Damian had basically just let on to the fact he knew we were all mated, and that wasn’t something I had suspected. We were supposed to keep it on the down low, and not let him find out.

I was supposed to be their dirty little secret.

“They did as they were commanded, as you should too.” Zane bellowed, causing Damian to look at him with fury.

“I am the Alpha, not you!”

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but all the testosterone that was floating around was driving me insane. I didn’t understand why these men couldn’t just let me do what I wanted to do.

I had come to Idaho to get my degree and work towards changing the future. Instead, I came and was made to live this weird love thing that didn’t make any sense and everyone was walking on eggshells around Damian.

“I can’t do this…” I mumbled, standing to my feet and pushing through the men. I made my way outside of my father’s office. My father’s tone raised and called out to me as I walked away from him.

“Ivy…” James called out, making his way behind me, “please don’t run off. I’m sorry that this is like this. Please just give us–”

“Give you want?” I yelled, spinning around to face him, “time? That’s all you guys ask for. You never think about how things make me feel, just think about yourselves.”

James stared at me, shocked, as I pulled my car keys from my pocket. I didn’t want to keep going down this road with them. Right now, I was more than ready to pack all of my things and book a flight back to Georgia away from everyone here.

“Where are you going… you can’t leave..” James’ pleaded, grabbing my arm and stopping me from getting into my car.

“James… let me go,” I whispered before his lips came down upon mine, taking my breath away. I had missed the way he tasted, but there was no way he could just use the feeling he created in me to change my mind.

Pushing softly against his chest, I leaned my forehead against his and sighed, “I did time, James. I need to wrap my mind around this. You all treat me like a secret, and now I find out my father lied to me. He never cared about me, and ruined my chances at the school of my dream just to have me come here and mate with you all…”

“Do you regret it though?” He asked looking at me, “do you regret mating with me?”

“No, but love isn’t forced. It isn’t just about what one side wants… it’s both sides.” I whispered pulling away from him and sliding into my car closing the door. I knew that what I said had double meaning behind it, but he was going to have to realize that he couldn’t just do what he wanted.

It wasn’t just about them… they flipped my life upside down.

And through it all, no one ever asked me what I wanted.

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie

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"You don't belong here." "Perhaps to you I don't but I'm not going anywhere," I replied unwilling to let him scare me. A deep chuckle left his throat as he stepped closer, "I can do terrible things to you-"

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie


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