And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie Chapter 17

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie Chapter 17

The next few days went by faster than I had expected, and as Wednesday rolled around, I groaned, thinking about the essay I was turning in. Hale had not come back to see me since the night of the run, and the few times James stopped by, he explained that he had to be careful because he didn’t want Damian to smell me on him.

I was half tempted to tell Damian I was f u c k i n g his brother because the build-up of sexual frustration was causing me to lose focus, and so help me, if I got anything below an ‘A’ on this essay, I was going to lose my mind.

“Good morning, Ivy.” Mr. Zebak said as I walked into his room with a smile. He was young for a professor, but all the girls fawned over how handsome he was.

While most professors were old and balding, Mr. Zebak was tall and well defined with gorgeous black hair and beautiful gray eyes. I had to admit that my professor was s e x y as hell, but at the same time, he didn’t compare to James, Talon, Hale, or even Damian.

“Good Morning, Mr. Zebak. I hope you are doing well today.”

Making my way towards my seat, I could almost feel his eyes upon me, and the sensation of him watching me made my heart race.

As class began, I found myself towards the back of the class with prime viewing of the screen. The theater-style seating maked it better to get a proper view of the large digital screen he taught from.

I enjoyed my time in Mr. Zebak’s class. He had easily became one of my favorite teachers, and when in his class I was completely focused. At least until images of the guys start to flood my mind, and I find myself drifting from the lesson in front of me.

My phone slowly lit up with a notification and hesitating, I flipped it over. I never answered my phone in class, but since the guys got my number and started texting me, I couldn’t help but wait by my phone expecting to see a message. Just like the one I got now.

My heart swelled when I opened my phone, and saw the message was from James. The only problem was when I opened the text, I found it wasn’t a normal message, and my face quickly blushed red.

‘G o d, I want to taste you right now. Look how excited you have me.’

My eyes widened even more as I scrolled down seeing the image of his hard c o c k.

‘Oh, my G o d! Who the hell sends dirty photos anymore?!’

No matter how much I tried to be turned off by it– I couldn’t. Instead, it made the sexual frustration in me even worse. I wanted more than anything to feel him inside me, and the more I thought about it, the more my core ached for him.

‘Don’t act like texting you like this doesn’t turn you on, Ivy.’

James’ next message caused me to smile, and roll my eyes.

‘I am in class, James.’

‘Yes, I know. But that’s what makes it more fun. So tell me how wet you are for me.’

James was really trying to put me in an uncomfortable position, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for that kind of talk with him. James was goofy, and fun– not to mention amazing in bed.

But sexting? I wasn’t sure if that was my jam.

‘I will talk to you later, James. Goodbye.’

I smirked as I sent my message, and then put my phone down trying to focus on Mr. Zebak, whose eyes were solely focused on me before he turned and continued his presentation. I was instantly embarrassed thinking he saw me not paying attention.

As time carried on, I continued taking notes until my phone signaled another message, and I couldn’t stop the urge to groan, wanting to check but not wanting Mr. Zebak to see me doing so again.

With a sigh, I quickly picked up my phone, trying to hide what I was doing behind my lap top and checked it. I smiled when I saw it wasn’t James, but Hale that had messaged me.

‘I had fun with you the other night. I would really like to see you again tonight.’

Biting my bottom lip, I thought over what he had said. With James it was nothing but sexual attraction and fun. With Hale it was something else completely. I had thought a lot about what he had said about mating with the twins, and I had to admit that more than once the idea had turned me on.

‘How about later tonight? If you are capable of escaping that is.’

I wasn’t one to be a tease, but I loved pointing out at any chance I could how they always wanted to do what Damian said and how worried they were about Damian finding out about me.

In a sense, I was their dirty little secret. As much as I would have thought that would have bothered me— I was surprised when it didn’t.

I actually enjoyed sneaking around, but I didn’t want to sneak around and not get laid.

The sex had been more than amazing with James, and every night when I closed my eyes, I found my self moaning thinking about what it would be like with the rest of them.

‘Oh, don’t you worry about that. I am capable of doing more than you think.’

The playful tone of Hale’s message made me blush, ‘I look forward to it.’

A smirk crossed my face as I sent the text to him. I wasn’t a girl to text like this, but something about the guys stirred something inside me and made me want to do bad things.

“Ivy? Are you okay?” Mr. Zebak said, looking up at me. Coming back to my surroundings, I realized the class was over, and everyone had left, except for my professor and me.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I got so busy with my work I wasn’t paying attention.” Quickly, I grabbed my belongings and put them in my bag as I stood from my seat.

“Hey–” He said as he hesitated for a moment and cleared his throat, “don’t worry about it, but do me a favor, Ivy—”

“Sure, anything…” I responded happily.

A grin crossed his face at my response, and he smiled, “please call me Caleb. You are one of my star students, and only my stars get that privilege.”

Stunned by his admission, my smile widened, “Thank you, Caleb. I will see you Friday morning.”

“Oh, I am looking forward to it, Ivy.” The sultry way he said my name sent shivers down my spine, but in a pleasurable way I hadn’t been expecting. Perhaps, my lack of sex was starting to make me want to f u c k everything with legs.

Exiting the theater, I headed across the courtyard towards the cafe, “Ivy!” Kate’s overly excited voice squealed, causing me to turn around and see her, James, Hale, and Talon posted on the courtyard wall with two other guys I didn’t recognize. To top it off, one of them hands their hands all over Kate.

As I approached, a smirk spread across my face, “oh, what do we have here?” I taunted, looking at Kate and the man she was with.

“This is Silas–” James replied as he took my books, and Hale took my bag, setting them down on the wall, pulling me in between them. “And the other one not wrapped up in Kate is Jacob.”

“Hey.” They both said in unison until the one named Jacob spoke up again, “Brandon is somewhere around, but you know him– he is always into someone new every time we turn around.”

Laughter settled over the group as I smiled and tried to pay attention to how Hale was running his fingers across the small of my back as James had his arm around my shoulder.

“Well, I need to run back to my dorm, and Silas is going to help me,” Kate said with a smirk, causing me to laugh.

“Don’t be silly, wrap your willy!” James called out across the courtyard at Silas causing multiple people to stop and turn to look at us laughing.

“I really need a coffee,” I said softly as I pushed my head against James’ shoulder.

“I actually got you one,” Talon replied as he came walking back up to our group. I hadn’t even realized that he had disappeared, and I found it so touching that Talon had done something like that for me.

“Thank you, Talon. That’s so sweet.” Gently handing the coffee to me, I smiled and took a sip. It was exactly how I liked it, down to the exact sugar amount, and that blew my mind. “You know exactly how I like my coffee?”

James, Hale, and Jacob all looked at Talon in shock as he stood there trying to look like a b
a d a s s as he shrugged his shoulders. “Medium roast, cream, two sugars with two pumps of vanilla.”

Never had a guy done something as simple as that and been completely romantic. I was the type of girl who was easy to please, and a small sentiment like that went miles with me. Out of all the brothers, Talon: the quiet, angry, and aggressive one, was the one who knew exactly what I liked.

Handing the coffee to James, I stepped from his grip and walked towards Talon. I could see the hesitation in his eyes as I came closer, and his body tensed as if he wasn’t too sure what I was about to do. “Come here,” I whispered, pressing against him.

Wrapping my arms around him, I rested my head against his chest and hugged him, and it was then that I finally felt him slowly lose the tension, and relax into my embrace. My eyes slowly drifted up to his, and as they did, I wrapped one arm around his neck and pulled his lips to mine.

His eyes widened in shock, before I pulled away with a smile.

“Talon—” I whispered as my lips traveled down his neck stopping underneath his throat, “thank you for the coffee. That was very sweet.”

As I stepped back he looked at me in shock, and the expression on the other guys faces as I turned to look at them made me crac k a smile. They were all staring at me, shocked with their mouths parted as if they didn’t understand what had happened.

Picking up my belongings, I grabbed my coffee from James and smiled at them.

“You boys have fun. I have to get to class.”

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie

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"You don't belong here." "Perhaps to you I don't but I'm not going anywhere," I replied unwilling to let him scare me. A deep chuckle left his throat as he stepped closer, "I can do terrible things to you-"

And Then There Were Four by Lilith Carrie


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